The DOI Records Management Program focuses primarily on records created, received, and used by the Department of the Interior in the conduct of official business. The secondary focus is the media in which the record exists (paper, audiovisual, cartographic, and electronic media). It is the Department's policy to properly identify recordkeeping requirements and to effectively and efficiently manage needed records throughout their life cycle (creation, use and maintenance, and disposition). The Department of the Interior Records Management Program is responsible for providing leadership and direction for the Department's records management program. Among its responsibilities are:

  • developing an overall records management strategy producing the policy, procedures, and guidance necessary to implement that program;
  • cooperating with other units in IMD in developing policies and guidance on the application of technology to records management;
  • coordinating the program within the Department's bureaus and offices and with interested outside parties such as the National Archives and Records Administration;
  • representing the Department in interagency records management groups; and
  • assisting records programs across the Department with advice and technical expertise.

Products/Outreach: The Departmental Records Officer maintains a complete set of the Department's records disposition schedules, which serve as a high-level finding aid to all Departmental records. Other materials maintained include a complete set of Departmental records management policy, guidance, and procedures, as well as a reference collection of records management related materials (NARA brochures, pamphlets, posters, NARA training schedules, etc.).

If you have any questions or comments concerning the Records Management Program, please contact:

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