E-Government at Interior

The goals of E-Government are to use information technology to:
  • Make it easy for citizens to obtain services and interact;
  • Improve government efficiency and effectiveness; and
  • Improve government's responsiveness to citizens.
Interior is the Managing Partner agency for Geospatial Line of Business (LoB) and is one of the OMB-designated Shared Services Providers (SSP) for the Financial Management LoB and the Human Resources LoB initiatives.
  • Provides stewardship of 18 data themes as listed in OMB Circular A-16.
  • Recommends a set of common government-wide solutions that serve the Nation's interests, and the core missions of Federal agencies and their partners, through more effective and efficient development, provisioning, and interoperability of geospatial data, technologies and services.
DOI Human Resources LoB Shared Services Center (SSC)
  • The Interior Business Center (IBC) is an OMB-designated SSP; one of four Providers for epayroll and one of six Providers for Human Resources systems and solutions for HRLOB;
  • Provides government-wide, modern, cost-effective, standardized, integrated and interoperable HR systems and solutions to increase operational efficiencies.
  • Provides high quality, comprehensive personnel and payroll solutions through the Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS), comprehensive payroll operations services, an analytical and reporting tool (DataMart), and other related HR systems and services, including Drug and Alcohol Testing.
DOI Financial Management LoB Shared Services Center (SSC)
  • IBC is an OMB-designated Shared Services Providers (SSP) (i.e. one of four) of financial and business management solutions.
  • Provides core financial management services to all DOI bureaus and 25 non-DOI Federal agencies, and benefits to customers from economies of scale by sharing licensing, hosting, security and system audit costs with other customers.
  • Provides access to IBC's Federal financial management expertise and to value-added services such as general accounting, financial statement preparation, transaction processing, eTravel, procurement, asset management, and quarters management.

Annual E-Government Reports

The annual E-Government report highlights significant accomplishments made by Interior in support of the President's E-Government initiatives.

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