Hosting Services

All OCIO data center hosting services provide the following characteristics:

  • Security - Physical and logical security management within a fully Certified and Accredited General Support System infrastructure, including: 24x7 video monitoring, personnel background investigations, Intrusion Protection Systems (network and host), virus protection, regular vulnerability scans and external assessments.
  • Availability - 24x7 on-site customer support, around the clock technical support, active data backup and Disaster Recovery Program, formal problem and change management programs.
  • Reliability -Uninterruptible Power Supply, diesel generator backup power, dual/failover power feeds to equipment, redundancy in air conditioning and humidity control equipment and a complete set of alarms and monitors.
  • Maintainability -Internal redundancy within strategic server and data storage equipment, high speed self-healing network connectivity with redundant service feeds, automated "health and well being" monitoring on servers, communications devices and data bases.

OCIO has operated computer facilities for over 20 years and has a full range of operating procedures and management controls. Internal controls within the OCIO IT environment are validated through FISCAM and SAS-70 Type II audits each year.

OCIO Hosting Services can reduce your organization's investment in infrastructure and allow you to focus on the applications by leaving the infrastructure installation, deployment, management, backup, recovery and monitoring to the OCIO Hosting Services Team.

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