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Are you interested in policy analysis? Want to help evaluate the needs, potential effects, and implementation of various DOI policies, like climate or science-policy integration? Do you have expertise in economics, such as regulatory analysis or natural capital accounting? Want to get involved in cross-Department program implementation, like invasive species or ecosystem restoration? Read on to see if there's a way we could connect and work together! 

PPA Detail Program

PPA has a dedicated Detail Program to help ensure an effective, efficient, and equitable approach, with three goals: 

  • help ensure diversity and representation in PPA from across DOI and beyond;
  • provide enterprise experiences for Federal staff and others; and
  • flexibly expand capacity of the PPA team for priority projects on a rolling basis.

The Detail Program offers additional planning and structure for PPA and for detailees, such as:

  • PPA leadership horizon-scans to evaluate upcoming DOI and PPA needs to better support recruitment;
  • structured onboarding, professional development, learning objectives, and engagement materials and plans; and
  • systematic review and action to promote the diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility of PPA and the Detail Program across demographics, occupations, grades, geographies, and other characteristics.

In general, detail assignments will be at least 120 days, but may be 6 month, a year, or longer. The detail may be extended with mutual agreement among the detailee, PPA, and the detailee’s home station. Depending on the position requirements, applicant eligibility, and funding, details may include temporary promotions.

Detail Opportunities

  • Coming soon: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - Ecosystem Restoration program specialist
  • Coming soon: Economic contributions analyst

Recent Details

  • Nature-based Solutions coordinator (paid / reimbursable)
  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - Statistics and Evidence Advisor (paid / reimbursable)
  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - Ecosystem Restoration program specialist

These will be posted to Open Opportunities as they become availalbe. And remember, there are other details posted on Open Opportunities and DOI's Career Connection.

Partnerships & Collaborations

PPA can't do it alone: partnering with others across the Department of the Interior, in other Federal agencies, and those outside the Federal government is essential to success. Do you have an idea for how we could work together on a new policy idea, like an analytical system for evaluating how a policy percolates across DOI and its bureaus? Or maybe in the domain of economics, like a Computable General Equilibrium model tuned to DOI's mission? Or do you have a potential program that requires coordination across DOI bureaus and perhaps other partners across a landscape? We'd love to hear from you!

Current Areas of Interest from PPA

  • Natural Capital Accounting
  • Nature-based Solutions
  • National Nature Assessment
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Evidence and program evaluation (e.g., invasive species)

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities open up on occasion in PPA, between new funding sources and as PPA staff move on to new roles in and out of government. As with all Federal positions, these will be advertised through USAJobs.


  • Management & Program Analyst (policy analysis) - reviewing applications
  • Chief Economist - reviewing applications
  • Coming soon:
    • Senior Advisor for Nature Policy
    • BIL-ER program positions

We will link to USAJobs announcements as soon as they become available. And remember, there are lots of positions across DOI and the Federal government at USAJobs that could be a great fit for you!

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