Conserve and Protect Natural and Cultural Resources

Red-rock canyon with blue sky, trees, a narrow, sandy beach, and people.

The U.S. Department of the Interior may be best known to many people for its role in conserving and protecting natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. National parks and wildlife refuges offer stunning landscapes and habitat for species from ducks to rare plants. Cultural sites, some very recent and some that have been around since time immemorial, are distributed across the Nation as part of the System of Public Lands and other parts of the Interior estate.

The Office of Policy Analysis supports the Department and bureaus and offices in the work to conserve and protect these place and their resources for people. Policy analysis to understand what works and what can work better for conservation. Economic analysis of ecosystem restoration or the recreational value of cultural sites that the public visits. Program coordination for invasive species management. Take a dive into the details:

Banner image: Desolation Canyon Wilderness Area. Bureau of Land Management.

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