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The Office of Policy Analysis helps advance the mission of the Department of the Interior through policy analysis, economic analysis, and cross-department program coordination. This means determining how policy decisions affect the American people; the Nation's lands, waters, and resources; and our economy. We provide cross-cutting analysis and coordination to support Departmental leadership and decision-making across a highly decentralized agency. We evaluate Interior programs, address policy issues, and conduct relevant economic analyses on behalf of Departmental leadership. PPA also coordinates interagency and multi-bureau programs, including the Department's ecosystem restoration program, invasive species, and statistical policies. We help ensure decisions made across a large and highly decentralized agency are effective—all to serve the Department, the Nation, and you. 

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Contact Us

Main Phone: 202-208-5978
Fax: 202-208-4867

Mailing Address:
1849 C Street NW
Mail Stop 3530
Washington, DC 20240

Feature photo: The Office of Policy Analysis is based out of the Stewart Lee Udall (Main Interior) Building in Washington, DC.



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