DOI Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer (TT) Activities in Interior

The Office of Policy Analysis coordinates the technology transfer activities within the Department of the Interior. As part of this effort it manages and coordinates the activities of the Departmental Working Group on Technology Transfer.  This working group is responsible for:

  • Institutionalizing technology transfer activities within the Department to enable all bureaus to more effectively and efficiently fulfill their missions using tools and processes authorized by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 and related legislation.
  • Developing the annual report due to OMB and NIST on the Department’s technology transfer activities. This report is required under the Federal Technology Transfer Act.  The first Annual Report was issued in February 2012. That and subsequent Annual Reports.
  • Working with and encouraging bureaus to utilize the authorities under the Federal Technology Transfer Act, and facilitating training for the Department’s scientists, engineering and technical personnel on technology transfer.
  • Operating and maintaining DOI’s technology transfer web site.
  • Working with other Departments to, among other things, coordinate activities and produce the annual Federal Laboratory (Interagency) Technology Transfer Summary Reports that the National Institute for Standards & Technology submits to Congress.

Specific information about DOI's technology transfer activities are available in the annual technology transfer reports.

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