Economic Analysis

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The Office of Policy Analysis (PPA) supports analysis of the economic effects of natural resource policies and regulations, and the relationship between the economy, environment, natural resource use, and management, for the Department of the Interior. This is especially true for issues that cross Interior bureau lines of responsibility and have interagency or intergovernmental implications.

The DOI Chief Economist is located in the Office of Policy Analysis and leads the economics team. The team provides high-quality, objective, qualitative and quantitative advice, analysis, data visualization, review, writing, and presentations on economics matters. Our efforts are often conducted in multi-disciplinary settings and encompass the breadth of Interior's portfolio.

Economists in PPA bring a wealth of experience and education to help Interior address a full range of complex policy-relevant economic issues. The economics team provides leadership and routinely works with economists in Interior's bureaus and with other Federal agencies.

The economics team also has expertise in survey research. They work with the Department’s Paperwork Reduction Act Coordinator to review submissions to OMB that contain surveys. This responsibility provides a broad overview of the Department's survey data collection activities and an opportunity to link such data collection to Interior's mission areas.

The PPA economics team's experience spans five presidential administrations, and includes specialized training in natural resource and environmental economics, economic modeling, benefit-cost analysis, econometrics, policy analysis, business, accounting, political science, sociology, and international affairs. PPA economists provide a wide range of perspectives developed through experience with an array of Federal, private, academic, and international settings. 

Key areas of engagement by the Office's economists include:

Banner photo: The Department of the Interior's lands and waters--like those at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota--provide value, including economic value, to the Nation. Credit: National Park Service, public domain.

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