Approved DOI General Applicability Waivers

The following Buy America DOI general applicability waiver requests have been approved.  Entities do not need to apply for a separate DOI Buy America Waiver for items that meet the below criteria as long as the period of performance for the project begins prior to the expiration date of the general applicability waiver AND the non-domestic items are purchased prior to the expiration date of the general applicability waiver.  Any questions in regards to general applicability waivers should be directed to the financial assistance awarding officer for your grant or cooperative agreement.  
DOI Financial Assistance Waivers

DOI Buy America Guidance

Waiver Requests Available for Public Comment

Approved Buy America Waiver Requests

Approved DOI Buy America General Applicability Waivers:

Project Title Waiver Justification Approval Date Expiration Date
DOI General Applicability Waiver, Six month Adjustment Period  This DOI general applicability waiver of the Buy America Domestic Preference procurement requirements was approved to provide DOI recipients of financial assistance agreements with sufficient time to apply the Buy America preferences without having to disrupt current projects and to allow projects to continue to be executed swiftly without jeopardizing performance goals.  July 13, 2022  Jan 12, 2023

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