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Climate and Infrastructure Workshop

From March 27 to 30, 2022, Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs convened a Territorial Climate and Infrastructure Workshop bringing together the U.S. Territories, Federal agencies and other important partners to deliver significant climate and infrastructure support provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (P.L. 117-58) aka the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). Workshops and discussions focused on Water, Built Infrastructure, Broadband, Natural Infrastructure, Energy, Legacy Pollution, and Technical Assistance.


Natural Infrastructure Workshop (video)

Moderated by: Winnie Stachelberg, U.S. Department of the Interior

  1. American Samoa 
    Presented by: Petti Matila  
  2. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands   
    Presented by: Kodep Ogumoro-Uludong, Erin Derrington, CNMI Office of Planning & Development  
    5.b Natural Infrastructure CNMI (pdf)
  3. Guam 
    Presented by: Dr. Austin Shelton, University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability  
    5.c Guam Green Infrastructure Meeting_Shelton (pdf)  
  4. U.S. Virgin Islands  
    Presented by: Jean-Pierre Oriol, USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources  
    5.d USVI-OIA Climate Conference.BIL Natural Infrastructure (pdf)  
  5. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  
    Presented by: Jean Tanimoto  
    5.e NOAA Pacific Region Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Presentation (pdf)  
  6. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 
    Presented by: Brian Ellington  
    5.f FWS Territorial Workshop v3, 03.25.22 (pdf) 
  7. National Resource Conservation Service
    Presented by: Chad Cherefko  
    5.g NRCS- IIJA For Territorial Climate and Infrastructure Workshop- 3-25-22   (pdf)
  8. U.S. Geological Survey 
    Presented by: Doug Beard  
    5.h USGS Natural Infrastructure   (pdf)

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