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March 21, 2023 – Serving Pacific Islander Veterans

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  • Ernest Moy, MD, Executive Director, Office of Health Equity, Veterans Health Administration
  • Vivian Hutson, FACHE, Senior Advisor for Pacific Strategy, Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Moy and Ms. Hutson shared data sets disaggregating Asians and Native Hawaiians from Pacific Islanders to help inform efforts to serve veterans in the Pacific Islands. They included an urgent appeal to all veterans to apply for PACT benefits and to enroll with the Veterans Administration for services. Efforts to strengthen VA services for veterans from the U.S. territories and the freely associated states are dependent on veterans registering and the VA knowing where populations are and understanding their needs.

PPT Presentation on Pacific Islander Veterans by Dr. Moy

VA Locations -

  • POC’s for Veterans on Guam
  • POC’s for Veterans in Hawaii
  • POC’s Veterans in the Freely Associated States

The PACT Act and Your VA Benefits register here

Meet Vivian Hutson, Senior Advisory for Pacific Strategy
at the Department of Veterans Affairs

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