The Modernization Program Office is responsible for the modernization of the Main Interior Building. The final phase of the modernization project begins in August 2014 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016. The final phase is focused on the space in wing 1 (this is the wing nearest to C Street). If you have any questions or concerns related to indoor air quality, noise or anything else related to the project, please contact the OFAS Service Desk at 202-208-2222 or

Modernization Frequently Asked Questions

The improvements to each wing include:

  • Upgraded fire alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • New fire rated stairwells and building egress routes
  • New office heating and air conditioning systems with individual controls
  • Renovated restrooms
  • New Kitchenettes
  • Painting, new carpeting and cosmetic repairs
  • New pavers on MIB roof and installation of a green roof
  • Enhanced landscaping
  • New security guard stations and bollards at each parking garage ramp
  • Pointing (repairing of all mortar joints on exterior of MIB)
  • Exterior waterproofing

Additionally, new areas or amenities were in scope during the MIB modernization including:

  • Bison Bistro cafeteria and the Watering Hole
  • Child Care Center
  • Employee Showers (basement of MIB)
  • Employee Courtyard (adjacent to Bison Bistro)
  • Security Command Center (opening in 2014)

Compliance with Life Safety, Americans with Disabilities, and Fire Codes

  • Modernized space compliant with applicable codes
  • New code compliant toilet rooms including handicapped fixtures
  • Enhanced alarm systems for hearing impaired or blind employees

Environmental Efforts of Modernization

  • All appliances are Energy Star rated
  • Fluorescent lighting switched using two energy levels
  • Occupant controlled heating and cooling
  • Recycled carpet tiles
  • Reuse of window blinds
  • Forest stewardship-certified wood used in windows and trim
  • Low volatile organic chemical paint
  • Low flush toilets 1.6 gal
  • Restroom partitions 100% recycled content
  • Restroom tiles manufactured in sustainable plant
  • Local products (within 500 miles) purchased when possible
  • New furniture - sustainable standards

Contact Information

You may contact our service desk at (202) 208-2222 or the individual listed below:

Richard Farr
Phone: (202) 208-3056

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