Elevator Safety at the Main Interior Building

Our elevator operation and safety record for the Main Interior Building is excellent. We maintain a rigorous maintenance program, with periodic testing and inspections are performed by licensed elevator inspectors by GSA. Our elevator contractor is on duty from 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on government workdays. Should an emergency occur before or after those hours, our elevator contractor is required to respond and be on-site within one hour of notification.

Please review the procedures below which outline the proper steps to take in the event you become entrapped in an elevator. These procedures are on a placard fixed to each elevator car. Click here to see the placard. 

  1. First (and, most importantly), try to remain calm.
  2. Do not attempt to pry the doors open and/or exit the elevator car. Though being entrapped on an elevator is unnerving, it is much safer to remain in the car and wait for emergency-response personnel to respond.
  3. All of the elevators in our building have an Emergency Telephone Call Button built into the control panel. When this button is depressed, you are placed in contact with the building's 24/7 Security Operations Center. The Call Button can be identified with a "TELEPHONE" symbol. Click here to view the Call ButtonDo not use the red telephones which are located in the passenger elevators; these are only for use by firemen during an emergency.
  4. When you call from these elevators, you will be asked to provide the elevator car number (which is posted inside the elevator cab). If possible, please provide the approximate location of the elevator car (e.g., between the 4th and 5th floors).
  5. When you have reported the problem to the proper authority, discontinue any unnecessary use of the Call Button. It may be necessary for emergency-response personnel to call you to give you specific instructions.
  6. In the rare event the Emergency Telephone Call Button does not work, press the Alarm Button located on the elevator control panel indicated by a "BELL" symbol. Click here to view the Alarm Button. An audible alarm will ring until the button is released.
  7. Call 911 if you are injured, having a medical emergency, or you are unable to contact the Security Operation Center.

We recommend saving the building's Security Operation Center telephone number 202-208-5803 in your cell phone for all emergencies. 


You may contact us through the administrative contact for your bureau or office, the Office of Facilities and Administrative Services service desk on (202) 208-2222, or one of the individuals below:


Rick Farr
Phone: (202) 208-3056