DOI Headquarters Parking Services

The OFAS Parking Office, in collaboration with bureau / office parking coordinators, administers the parking policy, parking space allocations, distribution of parking permits, and parking rules and regulations for the Main Interior Building (MIB), South Interior Building (SIB) and the Federal Reserve Martin Building (FRB). Critical information related to parking at these three facilities is included in the links that follow:

Visitor and Temporary Parking

The OFAS Parking Office maintains a designated number of short-term parking spaces for official visitors and temporary employee parking. The majority of these spaces are located at the SIB and FRMB. For more detailed information on the process for requesting this type of parking, please select the link below:

Handicapped Parking


If you are interested in finding out about ridesharing possibilities, a ridesharing bulletin board is located in the MIB 1300-east corridor and additional assistance may be obtained in the Parking Office, room 1323-MIB, OFAS

Points of Contact

If you need asistance, please contact the OFAS Service desk at (202) 208-2222 or one of the individuals below.

Dante Jeffries
Phone: (202) 219-0429
Fax: (202) 208-3777