Building Operations Standard and Above-Standard Services

The standard services that are provided to occupants include, among other things, those listed below. The costs for these services are included in the rent payments by each occupant organization. The Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building (MIB) Facilities Management and Services is responsible for providing most of these services in accordance with the Delegation of Authority Agreement between the Department and the General Services Administration (GSA) for the operation and maintenance of the MIB.

Standard Services

  • Daily operation of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. HVAC services are provided between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on each government workday. Adjustments, repairs to, and periodic maintenance on the HVAC system and the costs associated with utility services are included as part of this responsibility. (For information on obtaining supplemental HVAC service, please see the section below “Above-Standard Services”.)
  • Repair and maintenance of the buildings and their structures and component systems. This includes services such as elevators, plumbing and electrical systems, heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment, roofs, parking lot and garages, and fire-suppression systems and equipment.
  • Pest management. Our division funds the services of the GSA pest control contractor for services in our buildings. The contractor uses an integrated pest-management program that provides extremely effective results without the potentially harmful health effects that often result from the use of sprayed on or aerosol chemicals.
  • Landscaping. Our division also funds the services of a professional landscaping firm working under a GSA contract.
  • Recycling program. Our division manages the recycling program in the MIB and provides both scheduled and unscheduled collections of materials to be recycled. (Please go to our Recycling link for more detailed information.)
  • Custodial services. The services provided by our custodial contractor are among the most important services we provide to you each day. The contractor's responsibilities include cleaning offices and rest rooms, maintaining floors, emptying trash, picking-up materials to be recycled, and—when necessary—snow removal.
  • Energy conservation. The Building Manager's Office is responsible for the overall energy conservation program for the MIB. To that end, it identifies and implements energy conservation initiatives, and works constantly to increase occupant awareness of and support for the program.
  • Contingency planning. On an ongoing basis, the Building Manager's Office works closely with the Office of Emergency Management to develop and refine contingency plans in the event that a part or all of our buildings cannot be used by occupants for any reason.
  • Emergency response. The staff in the Building Manager's Office is on call 24 hours per day, on a year-round basis.
  • Routine testing of water. The drinking-water systems in both buildings are tested at least once each year. Samples are sent to an independent laboratory and tested for the presence of lead, mercury, and bacteria.
  • Routine testing of air. At least once each year, a fiber-in-air survey is conducted in random locations throughout the building to ensure no airborne asbestos fibers exist.
  • Special testing. On an as-needed basis, tests are conducted to determine the presence of radon, lead, mold, or other materials or conditions that may not be conducive to a healthful work environment.
  • Building accessibility. Within the constraints of historic-preservation requirements, the Building Manager's Office is responsible for identifying and accomplishing projects to increase or enhance accessibility in the MIB.
  • Historic preservation. The MIB is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Our division is responsible for maintaining the historic, architectural, and aesthetic characteristics of both buildings, and must plan carefully when scheduling work to maintain, repair, or alter the buildings.
  • Signage. The Building Manager's Office is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and repair or replacement of the general signage in both buildings.

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Above-Standard Services

When above-standard services are used, the MIB Facilities Management and Services may require reimbursement for all costs associated with providing those services; these costs may include labor and utility charges. Depending on the type of service requested and the time of year the service is used, reimbursable costs may be substantial. While not all-inclusive, the list below provides a few examples of above-standard services that are available on a reimbursable basis. If you would like to request an Above-Standard Service, you may contact the Building Manager's Office (see contact information below); if the request is specific to HVAC, please review the Guidelines for Requesting Supplemental HVAC

  • Operation of program-support equipment and supporting HVAC equipment on a 24-hour basis. The most-common use in this area is the 24-hour operation of computer-room facilities in the MIB.
  • HVAC operation and/or logistical support for special programs or events, usually in the auditorium.
  • Costs incurred by our division to support the operation of personal or program-support equipment installed as a reasonable accommodation for employees.

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Services Not Provided by the Building Manager's Office

The purchase, maintenance, cleaning, installation, and/or repair of many personal-property items typically are the responsibility of the individual office or bureau. While not all-inclusive, the list of these items includes:

  • Draperies, valances, or cornices
  • Carpeting
  • Office furniture
  • Pictures, portraits, or other artwork on walls


Services Provided by GSA

The Delegation of Authority Agreement between the Department and GSA addresses specific services that are the responsibility of GSA; these include:

  • The MIB cafeteria (Bison Bistro). GSA has administrative and operational responsibilities for the cafeteria. Our division has certain responsibilities for maintaining and repairing the equipment in the cafeteria.
  • Snack Bar – located on the 4th floor of the MIB, the Snack Bar is operated under the auspices of a Randolph-Shepherd Act contract issued and administered by GSA. Our division is responsible for maintaining the building equipment that serves the Snack Bar, but—unlike the cafeteria—not for the support equipment such as coolers, ice maker, oven, etc.
  • Periodic maintenance, testing, and repair of high-voltage electrical equipment in the MIB.
  • Periodic maintenance, testing, and repair of the fire-alarm and public-address systems in the MIB.
  • Capital-improvement projects. While the Building Manager's Office works in a liaison capacity to facilitate these projects, GSA both funds and oversees the accomplishment of all capital-improvement projects in the MIB.
  • Original art (e.g., murals, statues) restoration and conservation.

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Requesting Service from the Building Manager's Office

The Building Manager's Office is staffed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. each day to respond to occupants' needs. All requests for service or repairs or complaints should be forwarded to the OFAS service desk. Please provide the name and telephone number of the person with whom we can speak about the problem, and a brief description of the problem or service needed.

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You may contact us through the administrative contact for your bureau or office, the OFAS service desk on (202) 208-2222.