The Moving Services Team (MST) provides labor, guidance and professional moving services for bureaus and offices that occupy the Main and South Interior Buildings, as well as other Interior offices located in the surrounding Washington D.C., Metropolitan area. The MST can assist clients in planning office relocations; provide boxes and packing materials and use of a 24' box truck and/or cargo van; and perform a variety of other services such as rearranging office space and providing conference and meeting room set-up. Work is performed using in-house staff and contractors, and is contingent upon the assessment of the client office request. Our performance metrics require us to assess the job request within 5 business days of receiving a work request, and recommend a job process to satisfy the customer needs. Estimates for non-typical and complex requests will be provided within 15 working days.




There are no charges associated with any moves performed during normal business hours by the MST. However, all move requests that are larger than 4 offices will be referred to a moving service contractor that will provide an hourly rate cost to be paid by the bureau or office requesting the service. The MST will suggest a moving service contractor (on GSA schedule), and will make all necessary arrangements for scheduling based on the priority of your request. The requesting bureau or office is responsible for the procurement of the contract moving service.

All moving service contractors' prices are based on an hourly rate and may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Moving crate rentals
  • Truck driver/supervisor
  • Systen Furniture assemble or disassemble
  • Debris removal

Note: All work performed by contract moving services will be coordinated and monitored by the MST. All work conducted by the MST after normal business hours require overtime reimbursement by the bureau or office requesting the service.

Payment Methods

An authorized official must commit funds prior to starting work that will be done by a contractor. Payment will be accepted via the following methods:

  • Client office credit card; or
  • Acquisition request for work over credit card authority.

Helpful Hints

  • Establish a blanket work order to expedite service.
  • Purge filing cabinets and recycle unneeded files.
  • Plan and schedule your move as far in advance as possible.
  • Provide a room diagram for placement of furnishings.
  • Reduce moving-day stress by packing for your move in phases over a period of time.
  • Pack infrequently used items first, gradually packing the items you use more often as the move date nears.
  • Clearly lable all boxes and furnishings.
  • Coordinate access and availability of loading dock(s) for relocations.
  • Identify a Point of Contact that is responsible for coordinating with the MST.


For moving services please contact the OFAS service desk at 202-208-2222, or via email at, or fax at 202-208-7734.