Frequently Asked Questions

What is the update for the Modernization Project of the Main Interior Building (MIB)?
The General Services Administration (GSA) has received funding to begin modernization of Wing 1 of the MIB, which is the final phase of the modernization project. The project has been on hold for two years and while it is extremely exciting that we can complete the modernization of the building, occupants will be impacted for up to two years.
What new features can I expect to see in modernized spaces?
  • Occupant controlled heating and cooling ventilation system.
  • Blast windows have been installed and are permanently closed and cannot be opened.
  • Wire molding is mounted along the wall that will house your electrical and telecommunication connection to include computer, telephone, printers, faxes, and TV.
  • Upgraded telecommunication cabling to provide data speeds up to 1 Gigabit/sec to the desk top. New telephones are being provided for offices in modernized spaces.
  • Upgraded chilled drinking water fountain system.
  • Kitchenettes on each floor off each wing.
  • Occupancy light sensors
  • Upgraded life safety systems
  • Renovated restrooms.
How will modernization of Wing 1 impact building services?
Employees in the Wing 1 office will be relocated to other areas within the MIB. The unfortunate aspect of this relocation is some organizations currently occupying space in other wings may need to condense their space allocation and/or relocated to other areas of the Main or South Interior Buildings to accommodate the total space required.
Will C Street entrance remain open?
The C Street lobby entrance will be open but you may notice barriers in different areas of the lobby. The ATM and vending machines will be relocated to a different location. We are hoping to move the ATM to an area in the main corridor near the C Street lobby; no final decision has been made concerning the vending machines.
Whom do I contact regarding questions or concerns related to modernization work activities?
Please contact the Office of Facilities and Administrative Services (OFAS) Service Desk at 202-208-2222.
How will the Sidney Yates Auditorium be impacted?
The Sidney Yates Auditorium is closed. If you need assistance related to conference and special events, please contact the OFAS Conference and Special Events staff at 202-208-4412, or visit our website at
How will the Interior Library be impacted?
The DOI Library has been relocated to Room 2262 in the Main Interior Building. The hours of operation are 7:45am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday (except federal government holidays).
The DOI temporary library arrangement provides access to the more frequently utilized legal, legislative and reference print resources; computer workstations on which visitors may access online subscriptions and databases; and photocopier and microform reader/printers for those who wish to make copies of materials. Access to the remaining Library collection that has been moved to an off-site warehouse is available through a twice-per-week delivery service. Materials requested by patrons are delivered on Tuesday's and Friday's.
If you need assitance related to Library services, contact the Library's Reference Desk at (202) 208-5815, or by e-mail at The library website is
Will there be any disruption to the elevators?
The elevator bank that services Wing 1 will be taken out of service.
Will I be able to continue parking in the A/B Garage?
The MIB A/B garage will remain open. There may be short-term impacts to sections of the garage periodically. In these instances advance notice of instruction on alternative access will be provided to permit holders.
Will my day-to-day activities be disturbed or disrupted by the Modernization project?
Your day-to-day activities should not be affected. Increased barrier protection controls and new personal security measures greatly reduce disruption to your daily routine.
Will there be power or water outages?
Yes, but most of these disruptions will be scheduled in advance during non-business hours, and you will be notified. If unanticipated disruptions occur, all efforts will be made to restore service as soon as possible. It would be good practice to turn off as many connected electrical devices as possible at the close of each day.
Will there be construction related noise?
Once modernization begins, you may hear noise associated with construction. Our team will be providing daily surveillance of construction activities and will make every attempt to minimize related disruptions.
As Wing 1 is isolated, there should be minimal transmission of noise to the occupied wings. Particularly noisy operation, such as demolition for stairwells, will be scheduled for non-working hours. However, given the substantial construction within the building and the distances between wings, some noise may be audible. Every effort to minimize construction noise during normal working hours will be made. The Safety and Health Plan submitted by the Contractor requires that continuous noisy operation be restricted to non-working hours and between the hours of 6:00pm to 8:00am, Monday through Friday.
What measures are put in place to control dust and dirt?
The construction zone will be isolated from the balance of the building with temporary partitions designed to contain contaminants. The Contractor's plan for achieving the separation to assure the appropriate protection is provided, as well as proposed Health and Safety Plan, is outlines the Barrier Plan.
The barrier plan is designed to allow direct access points from outside of the building to construction areas only. The number of entrances between the construction and occupied areas is limited to Wing 1, east of west so that construction safety and health concerns are decreased.
  • Increases efficiencies and effectiveness of construction activities.
  • Reduces the number of entrances, which minimizes dust and dirt migration into occupied areas.
  • Limiting the pathways that workers use minimizes the transport of construction debris into occupied areas.
  • Additionally, construction employees have been trained on housekeeping responsibilities to maintain construction areas.
Will there be any monitoring performed for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?
Yes. Indoor Air Quality testing will be conducted daily during construction activities to ensure that acceptable IAQ is maintained.
Testing will include the following contaminants:
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (Chemical Pollutants)
  • Particulates (Total Dust)
Will the building still be secure?
While Wing 1 is under construction, it will be isolated by fire-rated partitions with alarmed and lockable doors. The workers, whenever possibly, will be using stairways within the construction zone and materials will be brought up a hoist constructed within the scaffolding erected at the end of the wing. All of the construction employees are screened for work in a Federal building and issued appropriate identification cards. In addition, the contract guards for the building will coordinate efforts to protect the occupants of the building from harm and make sure that personal and government property, and contractor materials and equipment, continue to remain in their proper locations.
How will i know where to go in the event of an emergency?
Follow the Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP) for your new area and take time to familiarize yourself with surroundings such as exits and floor plan maps. Click Occupant-Emergency-Employee Guide which will provide you with information on what to do in the event of an emergency. Training and drills will be scheduled. For additional employee emergency information see
Will my telephone and computer connections be interrupted?
There will be no impact to computer and telephone connections as all services will be transferred from wing 1 with the groups to wherever they are relocated to in modernized spaces.
Is Modernization environmentally responsible?
Yes. This is a GSA project that adheres to current environmental standards. As with the modernization of previous wings, GSA will adopt the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements, a third green building standard, and seek certification of the wing. Use of environmentally friendly products, recycling standards and indoor air quality will be required throughout the construction process and documented in selected construction document plans.
Where can I go for the latest and best information regarding the status of the Modernization Project?
As changes occur and schedules are advanced or delayed, we will publish that information via LAN messages and placards. For updated and additional information, visit the OFAS website at
Whom do I call when i need more information or assistance?
The best place to start is with your Bureau or Office Administrative Contact. In many instances you may also have a move coordinator specifically assigned to your office. For questions or problems directly related to Modernization, please call the OFAS Service Desk at 202-208-2222 or visit
When am I scheduled to move?
Your Move Coordinator or Administrative Contact for your Bureau or Office will notify you with specific move dates and information. If you do not know your Move Coordinator or Administrative Contact, please contact the OFAS service Desk at 202-208-2222. Or visit