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OCIO develops and implements customized Internet based applications geared towards increasing productivity, improving business processes, disseminating critical information, and reducing operational costs in the Federal workplace. 

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Agency’s business processes with OCIO’s customized eApplications Solutions

Our portfolio contains samples of customized applications that have been developed by the OCIO for the Department of the Interior and its bureaus.  These innovative and flexible eApplications can be created to suit your needs and are designed in compliance with Federal government requirements to grow and evolve with your organization.

Our Services

The OCIO provides support throughout the entire software life cycle, from conception until the system is retired.  We work together with our customers during the implementation and deployment, and provide post-implementation Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services.

Project Management

We provide Web Solutions to support your organization, allowing you to focus time and resources on what you do best: your core mission.

To guarantee that our clients’ business and operational needs are met, we provide project planning, coordination and administration support through the OCIO Project Management Office (PMO).  The OCIO PMO is staffed with Federal employees who are Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs).  They provide the framework to ensure that projects are given the oversight and attention to realize a successful development, implementation, and deployment.

System Analysis and Design

Current business processes and use cases are analyzed in detail.  We construct a detailed design, providing a static and dynamic view of all system modules.  All system features –providing roles and responsibilities of the feature, performance requirements that the feature is expected to meet, functionality of all feature operations, roles of required parameters and pertinent variables and the return values for feature operations – are fully documented in a system design document.

Graphical User Interface Design (GUI)

For each customer, the OCIO will design the basic layout and presentation of information and will develop the data flow of information throughout the Web application for ease-of-use.  The resulting design will help to ensure efficient future development and maintenance as well as accessibility compliance with Section 508.

Software Development

We develop software code to implement modules, features, and functions of the Web application.  The code is developed according to a customer approved system design or software specification document.

In addition:

  • We perform unit testing for all modules and features.
  • We integrate all modules and test the system build.
  • We provide updated documentation and user manuals reflecting the baseline and/or enhanced change(s).


The OCIO offers hosting services for eApplications that include full redundancy backup and disaster recovery plans to support 24 x 7 application availability.

We provide a secure processing facility, maintenance of the hardware and operating system, and provision of operations and management services over the environment.

For additional information, please contact webteam at webteam@ios.doi.gov.


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