Legal Sources

Electronic Resources Accessible from DOI Locations Only

Employees who are teleworking may access these databases through the Department's VPN.

EBSCO Online

  • Legal Collection

Gale Directory Library

  • Law and Legal Information Directory

Gale Virtual Reference Library

  • Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. History: Government and Politics
  • West's Encyclopedia of American Law


  • U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals
  • American Indian Law Collection

Indian Claims Insights

ProQuest Congressional Collections

ProQuest Legislative Insight, Part B (1789-1960)

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Digital Library

U.S. Congressional Serial Set


Web Sites: Table of Contents

Law at the U.S. Department of the Interior

HeinOnline -- Accessible from DOI Locations Only

Laws, Regulations, Policies and Decisions

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Land Management

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Bureau of Reclamation

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

Fish and Wildlife Service

Geological Survey

National Park Service

Office of Hearings and Appeals

The office provides access to these decisions:

  • A and M Decisions (1920-1970)
  • Copps Mineral and Public Land Laws (1881, 1890)
  • Digest of Grazing Decisions (1993-2001)
  • Director's Decisions (1996 to the present)
  • Hearings Division (Selected, 2000 to the present)
  • IBIA Decisions (1970 to the present)
  • IBLA Decisions (1970 to the present)
  • Land Decisions (1881-1929) and Interior Decisions (1930-1994)
  • Solicitor's Opinions (1993 to the present)

Office of Natural Resources Revenue

Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement

Office of the Solicitor


Indian Law

See the Library's guide on Native Americans, Legal Sources


Presidential Documents


Constitutional Law and Case Law

Bills, Hearings, Statutes and Regulations

Federal Laws and Regulations


  • Active Legislation
    Provided weekly by the U.S. Senate Library while Congress is in session
  •, the successor to, is a collaborative effort by the Library of Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, and the Government Publishing Office. Researchers can now search across all of the content in the system, refine their results, quickly see the status of a bill on a timeline, and view the new Member pages with sponsored and cosponsored legislation. Additionally, the system is designed to dynamically fit any size screen used: mobile, notebook, and/or computer.
  • eCFR
    The Code of Federal Regulations (Government Publishing Office)
  • (Government Publishing Office)
    Includes the Statutes at Large, 1789-2018 
    An electronic rulemaking repository, enabling Departments and Agencies to post all rulemaking documents for public access and comment
  • House Practice for the 115th Congress
    And other House Parliamentarian publications
  • House Committee on Rules
    Includes Rules, Manuals, Precedents and Rules of the Committees 
  • Senate Rules and Procedure
  • The Budget Process
    Links to CRS reports on the budget process. Some have been updated.


State Laws and Regulations


Local Laws and Regulations

General Current Information and Research Tools

Blawgs and News

Resources, Guides and Directories

  • Congressional Budget Office

    Congressional Research Service Reports

    Congressional Research Service reports can be the best way to quickly get up to speed on major political issues. CRS is Congress’ think tank, and its reports are relied upon by policymakers and others for accurate, timely and nonpartisan analysis of important policy issues

  • Congressional Research Service Reports
    Collected and made available by the University of North Texas Libraries.
    In partnership with a Republican and Democratic member of Congress, includes reports available on Congress's internal website, more than eight thousand in all. 
  • Library of Congress
    The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 directs the Library of Congress to make CRS reports publicly available online. The result is a new public website for CRS reports based on the same search functionality that Congress uses – designed to be as user friendly as possible – that allows reports to be found by common keywords. Moving forward, all new or updated reports will be added as they are made available to Congress. The Library is also working to make available the back catalog of previously published reports as expeditiously as possible.
  • Selected Congressional Research Service Reports on Congress and Its Procedures
    Maintained by the Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C.
  • Ecolex
    ECOLEX is a database providing the most comprehensive, global source of information on environmental law. ECOLEX is operated jointly by FAO, IUCN and UNEP.

  • EnviroLink

    Cases, codes, law schools, journals, CLE, etc.

  • Guide to Law Online
    Provided by the Law Library of Congress
  • Justia
    Provides free case law, codes, regulations, legal articles and legal blog databases, as well as community resources.
  • Law Library of Congress
  • Legal Information Institute
    Constitutions, codes, court opinions, from the Cornell Law School
  • Legislative Explorer: Data Driven Discovery
    An aid to observing large scale patterns and trends in Congressional lawmaking, produced by the University of Washington's Center for American Politics and Public Policy and the design firm Schema
  • Legislative Sourcebook
    Produced by the Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C., it includes a section of Selected Congressional Research Service Reports on Congress and Its Procedures, with links to all major sources of CRS reports.
  • Public Library of Law
    Created by Fastcase, PLoL includes cases from the U.S. Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals, cases from all fifty states back to 1997, Federal statutory law and codes from all fifty states, Regulations, court rules, constitutions, and more. PLoL also includes free links to paid content on Fastcase.
  • State Legislative History Research Guides on the Web
    Provided by the Law Library at the Indiana University School of Law Library—Bloomington
  • World Treaty Index
    Originally developed at the University of Washington, the electronic index is now maintained at the University of Michigan.


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