William Henry Jackson: A Visual Exploration of the American West

September 25, 2020 — ongoing

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In August 1935, planners creating the Interior Museum turned to the 92-year-old venerated photographer and artist William Henry Jackson (1843–1942) to execute a set of four paintings to memorialize each of the "Great Surveys" of the American West (1867–1879). View Jackson's four large oil paintings depicting the Hayden, Powell, Wheeler and King Surveys and explore their fascinating backstories and connections to the U.S. Geological Survey.

(62 square feet)



  • Devices for listening to full audio descriptions of the exhibition are available to borrow for in-gallery use by contacting the museum. For visitors with personal devices, the audio description app is freely downloadable (iOS). The complete audio description tour only functions when on-site at the museum.
  • Visitors with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) may borrow EnChroma-enhanced eyewear to aid in seeing an expanded range of colors more clearly and vibrantly during their gallery experience.


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