People, Land & Water

June 2017 - ongoing

Exhibition graphic for the "People, Land & Water" exhibition

This award-winning, state-of-art exhibition introduces audiences to the scope and influence of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Features of this visitor experience include more than 75 fascinating artifacts, an inspiring 14-minute film, and educational multimedia presentations to acquaint and actively engage the public with the Department's history, relevance, and current missions. A timeline, plus broad interpretive themes of discovering, protecting, contemporary cultures, and powering our future provide a framework for understanding the interconnectivity among the Department's bureaus, as well as the projects in which our 70,000 employees are engaged nationally and internationally. See just how much there is to learn about the "Department of Everything Else."

(700 square feet)



  • Devices for listening to full audio descriptions of the exhibition are available to borrow for in-gallery use by contacting the museum. For visitors with personal devices, the audio description app is freely downloadable (iOS). The complete audio description tour only functions when on-site at the museum.
  • The 14-minute, narrated film is open captioned and audio-described. Additionally, visitors may borrow assistive listening devices for in-gallery use. The film may also be viewed here with subtitles in Spanish. 
  • At the entry is a tactile map of the entire gallery space with Braille lettering
  • Additional tactile elements are included throughout the exhibition.
  • Visitors with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) may borrow EnChroma-enhanced eyewear to aid in seeing an expanded range of colors more clearly and vibrantly during their gallery experience.


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