Initial Ethics Training

Who should take Initial Ethics Training?  

Each new employee who is appointed to a position at the Department of the Interior (DOI) must complete Initial Ethics Training. DOI employees who transfer between bureaus or offices within DOI do not need to retake Initial Ethics Training if there was no break in service. Special Government Employees (SGEs) must also complete Initial Ethics Training. 

When must new employees complete Initial Ethics Training?

The Initial Ethics Training requirement must be completed within three months of the employee's appointment to the position. SGEs must complete Initial Ethics Training prior to the first meeting of the board, commission, or committee to which they were appointed.

How can employees complete the Initial Ethics Training requirement?

In addition to live sessions scheduled as part of orientation programs, the Departmental Ethics Office hosts a bi-monthly webinar that satisfies the regulatory requirements for Initial Ethics Training for employees. Employees who work for particular offices or bureaus within the DOI offer Initial Ethics Training that specifically addresses the requirements of the respective office or bureau.  To register for an Initial Ethics Training session, check DOI Talent for course listings. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact the Ethics Office or your ethics counselor for more information.

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