Ethics Forms

  • Use the DI-1958 form to obtain permission to accept free attendance at a widely attended gathering.

    Widely Attended Gatherings (DI-1958)

  • Use the DI-2000 form to obtain supervisory approval to accept travel expenses for official travel from a non-Federal source.

    Payments for Travel Expenses (DI-2000)

  • Use this form to obtain approval from your ethics counselor to engage in paid or unpaid outside work or activities.

    Outside Work and Activities (DI-7010)

  • Use this form to notify the Ethics Office regarding negotiations or agreements for post-government employment or compensation and recusal.

    STOCK Act Notification Form

  • Use this form to request public financial disclosure reports filed by the Department of the Interior's officials whose reports are not required to be reviewed by the Office of Government Ethics.

    Public Request for Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE Form 201)

  • Use this link to track ethics deadlines throughout the year.

    Calendar of Ethics Deadlines