Outside Work and Activities (DI-7010)

The Outside Work and Activities form (DI-7010) should be used to obtain approval from your ethics counselor to engage in paid or unpaid outside work or activities. The DI-7010 must be approved before the employee engages in the outside activity in their personal capacity. An employee's involvement with outside entities, whether as a second job or as a volunteer position, may create conflicts of interest with their work at the Department or an appearance that the employee lacks impartiality. 

As a result, DOI regulations generally require agency employees to have approval from the Departmental Ethics Office to ensure that the employee's role with the outside entity will comport with their ethical obligations under Federal law and the Standards of Ethical Conduct of the Executive Branch. 

Before you begin filling out the DI-7010, download the form and save it as a PDF file on your local or network drive. If you begin filling out the PDF on the website, you cannot save the information you enter.

Di 7010 Request For Approval To Engage In Outside Employment And Activities [pdf]

Di 7010 Instruction [pdf]

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