Unauthorized Second Job

Applying for a second job? Interested in writing a book, volunteering in the community, or teaching a class? Your agency may require prior approval before engaging in certain outside activities. As a Federal Government employee, you have been placed in a position of trust and are held to a high standard of ethical conduct. READ BELOW...


A former employee of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), faces a hefty penalty for engaging in a felony conflict of interest. The employee served as an Archives Technician at NARA, a position in which he assisted the public with requests for court documents maintained by NARA. He also owned and operated a company that charged its customers a fee for obtaining court records in addition to the fees charged by NARA. From September 2007 to October 2008, the employee used his official position at NARA to retrieve court documents for his company's customers. He also did not pay NARA the applicable fees associated with the company's customer requests for court records in order to conceal from NARA his affiliation with his company and to increase his company's profits.

The former employee pleaded guilty to receiving payments from his company in connection with the retrieval of court records from NARA using his official position. He admitted such payments were an illegal supplementation of the salary paid by the Government as compensation for his services as a NARA employee. His sentencing is pending, but he faces the possibility of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.