All of the contract bids are in. One of the bidders would like to take you out to lunch. Ask yourself: 1) Is this a gift I can accept? 2) How would this look to an outsider? As a Federal Government employee, you have been placed in a position of trust and are held to a high standard of ethical conduct. For more information on the ethics laws regarding working with contractors, please contact your agency's ethics office. READ BELOW...


Lunch with a Contractor - Just prior to a major contract award, a Bureau Director went out to lunch with one of the potential competitors at a swanky Washington restaurant. The wine alone cost over $100 per bottle. Too bad the Director didn't realize that a Washington Post reporter was at the next table. The story received front-page coverage in the next day's Post. By that afternoon, the Director announced that he had accepted a job in private industry -- a job he couldn't refuse (with his father-in-law).

The Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch (5 C.F.R. § 2635) generally prohibit Federal personnel from accepting gifts (including meals) from persons who do business or seek to do business with the employee's agency unless the gift falls under an exception.