Applying for Funding

The opportunity for funding is announced on this site every two years and on

Big Hazy Island

In December 2014 the opportunity for funding was announced. Investigation plans must be submitted by March 11, 2015.

Investigation plans are evaluated by the Office of Subsistence Management staff and the Technical Review Committee. Four criteria are used to evaluate proposals: strategic priority, technical-scientific merit, past performance-administrative expertise, and partnership-capacity building. Following the review, each investigator is sent e-mail notification of the Technical Review Committee's funding recommendation and review comments.


Written summaries of the investigation plans are assembled into a draft Fisheries Resource Monitoring Plan. The draft plan is distributed to the Regional Advisory Councils for public review and comment. The Federal Subsistence Board reviews the draft plan with all the recommendations and comments and takes final action. The director of the Office of Subsistence Management is responsible for implementing the plan. Applicants whose projects have been selected for funding are notified in writing in January, 2016.


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