DCC Ambassador of the Year

Meet Railyn Stokes the DCC Ambassador of the Year for 2021

Railyn Stokes smiling

The DOI Career Connection (DCC) Program is DOI’s professional development tools for sharing short-term broadening assignments, details, and laterals across the Department.

In FY21, DCC had 14 ambassadors representing several bureaus throughout DOI. The primary role of the ambassador is to champion DCC and spread the word about this well embraced tool. An ambassador spends approximately 4 hours per month meeting with the DCC Program Manager and fellow DCC ambassadors, developing promotional materials, giving presentations, and assisting employees with getting acclimated to DCC.

Railyn Stokes was selected as the DOI Career Connection (DCC) Ambassador of the year because of her passion about DCC, her servant’s heart, and her tenacity to participate in every aspect of this program. Just to highlight a few of her accomplishments, Railyn created and managed DCC opportunities, applied and was selected for a detail opportunity, and gave presentations about DCC to different audiences.

In addition to serving as an ambassador, Railyn serves full-time as a Management Analyst and Communications Lead for the United States Geological Survey's Astrogeology Science Center. Her primary duties include human resources and personnel management, social media content creation, and hiring and outreach events.

Railyn is a strong proponent of sharing talent across the Department of the Interior and the federal government, which leads to her excitement for championing the DOI Career Connection portal and participating in marketing the My DOI Career ecosystem.

Congratulations to Railyn for a job well done! For more information about DCC, visit our webpage: https://www.doi.gov/pmb/seod/dcc

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