OED Contacts

For More Information, please contact:

Dava Deschler

Chief Learning Officer and Director
Office of Employee Development
Department of the Interior
Washington, DC
Office: (202) 208-3648

DOI University

Susan Lipcaman

Director, Learning Delivery and Professional Development (DOIU-LDPD)
Phone: 202- 208-561
Email: suzanne_lipcaman@ios.doi.gov


Albuquerque, NM Learning Center

April Gonzalez

Learning Center Manager

Email: april_d_gonzalez@ios.doi.gov 
Phone: 505-563-5406 

Jennifer Martinez

Associate Learning Center Manager

Email: jennifer_martinez@ios.doi.gov 
Phone: 505-563-5404


Denver, CO Learning Center

 Josh Marshall 

Learning Center Manager

Email: joshua_marshall@ios.doi.gov 
Phone: 303-236-0062

Shawna Romero

Associate Learning Center Manager

Email: shawna_romero@ios.doi.gov
Phone: 720-557-4228

Washington, DC Learning Center

Mary Jo Catalano 

Learning Center Manager

Email: mary_catalano@ios.doi.gov 
Phone: 202-208-6195

Eric Sanders 

Associate Learning Center Manager

Email: eric_sanders@ios.doi.gov 
Phone: 202-208-6195 


Learning Delivery and Professional Development

LaTanya S. Anderson, MBA, MSc, Senior FAC-P/PM, FAC-COR III

Associate Director, Professional Development Program Management Office (PD PMO)

Program Manager, Interior Acquisition Institute (IAI)

Office: 202-208-3140
Mobile: 202-812-9547
Email: LaTanya_Anderson@ios.doi.gov 


Shae Locke

Program Specialist, Interior Acquisition Institute (IAI)

Professional Development Program Management Office (PMO)

Office: 202-208-6058 
Mobile: 202-713-7851
Email: Shae_locke@ios.doi.gov


Leadership Engagement and Development (LEaD)

Dava K. Deschler

Director, LEaD

Office: 303-236-0040
Mobile: 720-610-7830
Email: dava_deschler@ios.doi.gov


Ross Allan

Associate Director, LEaD

Digital Strategy/Learning Technology

Cell: 202-492-4648
Email: ross_allan@ios.doi.gov


Dr. Amanda Lords

Personnel Psychologist

Cell: 720-483-4064
Office: 303-236-0039
Email: amanda_lords@ios.doi.gov


Shari Hanscomb

Leadership Program Manager

Cell: 202-748-6021
Email: shari_hanscomb@ios.doi.gov


DOI Talent

Ross Allan

Associate Director, Digital Strategy/Learning Technology

Cell: 202-492-4648
Email: ross_allan@ios.doi.gov


Cody Mitchell

Management and Program Analyst

Email: cody_mitchell@ios.doi.gov


Federal Consulting Group

Jessica Reed, PMP


Phone: 202 208 4699
Cell Phone: 202 713 8247

Email: jessica_reed@ios.doi.gov


Dr. Rafael T. Williams

Project Manager

Mobile:  202-748-3770
Email: rafael_williams@ios.doi.gov


Doreen Vieira-Cross FAC-C, FAC-COR Level II

Program Analyst

Cell: 202-779-0418
Email: doreen_vieira-cross@ios.doi.gov


Sonia Stines-Derenoncourt, PCC, ORSCC, CPCC

Executive/Leadership/Team/System Coach

Work Cell: 202-748-3026
Email: sonia_stinesderenoncourt@ios.doi.gov


Business Operations

Business Operations provides budget and administrative support for OED and its divisions.

Pattie Buel

Chief, Business Operations, OED

Office: 202-425-7885
Email: patricia_buel@ios.doi.gov

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