DOI Career Connection

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DOI Career Connection (DCC) is an online portal for sharing short-term broadening projects, details and lateral opportunities across DOI. DCC facilitates opportunities to broaden employees’ experience, address staffing needs, and build a highly-skilled workforce throughout the Department of the Interior. OSEOD partnered with the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Open Opportunities platform to bring DOI Career Connection (DCC) to the DOI workforce. DCC offers increased functionality and integration with USAJOBS. 

DCC helps DOI managers and HR Specialists build capacity for an increased workload, increase employee engagement/retention, and fill skills and personnel gaps quickly through the promotion of short-term broadening projects, details and laterals. DCC empowers employees to gain a broader understanding of DOI, participate in cross-training opportunities, and increase their proficiency in desired technical and professional skills.

DCC replaces DOI’s former platform, the Bison Career Network.

This Program is for all DOI employees (non-SES) who have at least one year of federal service in the Government.

How do I access the DCC?

The DOI Career Connection is available at All DOI employees must create an account or log-in to participate in the DOI Career Connection.

What kind of commitments are available?

DCC commitments include: one-time, ongoing, details, and laterals. View a description of each commitment in the Help Center.

Informational Videos and Webinars ​

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