Agency Policies on Government to Government Consultation

Advisory Council for Historic Preservation. (2000) ACHP Policy Statement Regarding ACHP’s Relationship with Indian Tribes.

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Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (2018). BOEM Tribal Consultation Guidance.

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. (2003). Policy Statement on Consultation with Indian Tribes in Commission Proceedings.

Office of Natural Resources Revenue. (2018). ONRR Tribal Consultation Policy.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (2011).EPA Policy on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribes.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (1984). EPA Policy for the Administration of Environmental Programs on Indian Reservations

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Other resources not available electronically:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (2000). Working Effectively with Federally Recognized Indian Tribes: A Practical Guide for EPA Employees. EPA 305-K-99-006

White House Council on Environmental Quality. (February 4, 2003). Memorandum for Tribal Leaders: Cooperating Agencies in Implementing the Procedural Requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act.

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