Overview of CADR Training Opportunities

All classes can be delivered on request and some are offered in different geographic locations annually

Getting to the CORE of Conflict and Communications (GTC3) – Delivered by CADR certified trainers, free or cost of travel only, as a 4-8 hour class.  Application to both internal organizational issues and working with external stakeholders and partners.

Facilitating Dynamic Meetings to Achieve Results –16-20 hours by CADR

Advanced Facilitation Skills (such as use of self-assessment tools and team-building) – 8-16 hours delivered by CADR certified trainers or private professional trainers

Collaboration Clinics – Application of environmental collaboration and conflict management (ECCR) and concepts and theory to actual projects with external stakeholders

Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence – Students will gain several mental training practices and skill sets including self-awareness, attention training and knowledge of emotional intelligence which will enhance an effective and thriving workplace.

Crucial Conversations –16-24 hours delivered by private vendors, offered by bureaus such as BLM, NPS and FWS

Effective Public Participation:

  • 8 hour overview or short module (delivered by CADR or private professional trainer )
  • 40 hour certification delivered by International Association of Public Participation (IAP2)

Emotion, Outage and Public Participation –Offered by BLM, 16 hours delivered by IAP2 trainer

Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution –Intro.  2-8 hour module to include in any training or as stand-along class by CADR

Negotiation Skills for Natural Resource Professionals
Strategies and Tactics for the Experienced Natural Resources Negotiator
3 day classes offered through U.S. Geological Survey periodically throughout the year.

U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution Udall Center training

Live online webinar training

  • Getting to the CORE of Conflict and Communications (GTC3) – as a live webinar three part series, 2 hours each webinar
  • Advanced training for CORE PLUS mediators on topics ranging from EEO, reasonable accommodation, and other areas
  • Advanced training for ONE-DOI Facilitation Roster members
  • Virtual Facilitation Skills

Managing by Network

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