114-60 -- Personal Property Management Program

This Part prescribes policies, procedures and responsibilities governing the receipt of personal property and services; and accountability, record keeping, management and survey of personal property in the Department of the Interior. The provisions of this Part apply to all personal property acquired by all bureaus and offices.


Section 114-60.1 -- Personal Property Administration

Supplemental Regulations
Compliance Reviews
Property Management Forms

Section 114-60.2 -- Accountability

Accountable Property
Capitalization and Accountability Records
Accounting for Capitalized Property
Capitalization Threshold
General Ledger Account
Property Accountability Records
Accountable Officers
Transfer of Accountability
Relief of Custody
Responsibility Records
Property clearance
Use of Gov't.-owned Property Restricted to Official Purposes and the Use of Non-Gov't.-owned Property
Exhibit I - Formula for the Determination of Lease Capitalization

Section 114-60.3 -- Property Inventories

Inventory Frequencies and Methods
Inventory Reconciliation
Inventory Reports and Certification
Inventory Documents Retention
Inventory Training Requirements

Section 114-60.4 -- Classification of Property

Classification Criteria

Section 114-60.5 -- Receipt of Property and Services

Scope of Subpart
Basic Receiving Principles

Section 114-60.6 -- Identification of Personal Property

Government Ownership Identification Markings
Assignment and Display of Property Numbers
Items Requiring Special Identification

Section 114-60.7 -- Stores Records

General Ledger Control Account
Stores Records
Periodic Reconciliation
Designation of Employees Authorized to Withdraw Property or Stores from a Storehouse
Documentation of Issues
Records and Control of Tax-free Alcohol
Annual Review and Report of Tax-free Alcohol

Section 114-60.8 -- Survey Procedures

Scope of Subpart
Relief from Accountability
Types of Survey Authority
Standing Board of Survey
Local Survey Officer
Traveling Survey Officer
Special Boards of Survey
Report of Survey
Additional Distribution
Conducting a Survey action
Notification of a Board of Survey/Survey Officer
Survey Signature
Continuing Property in Service
Witnessing Destruction or Reduction to Scrap
Destruction and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
Reviewing Authority for Reports of Survey
Reports of Survey
Authority to Overturn Findings and Determinations
Removal of Surveyed Property from Accountability Records
Property Irregularities
Property Irregularities Defined
Reporting Theft, Unauthorized Use, or Vandalism to Law Enforcement Authorities
Investigation Requirement
Employee Liability, Notification, and Appeal
Determination of Liability
Employee Notification and Participation
Financial Liability and Disciplinary Actions
Determining the Amount of Financial Liability
Depreciation Formula for Lost, Damaged or Stolen Property
Employee Notification of Findings and Determinations
Employee Appeal of Survey Findings and Determinations
Transmittal of the Official File
Debt Collection
Billing the Employee
Unserviceable Property
Scope of Part
Relief from Accountability
Certificate of Unserviceability Signature
Conducting an Unserviceable Property Action
Determination of Unserviceability
Continuing Property in Service
Witnessing Destruction or Reduction to Scrap
Destruction and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
Reviewing Authority for Certificate of Unserviceable Property
Authority to Overturn Findings and Determinations
Removal of Unserviceable Property from Accountability Records