Real Property/Facilities

Real Property/Facilities Management

The far-reaching nature of the Department’s mission requires significant real property holdings, resources, and investments in many arenas. Interior executes its mission through component bureaus and offices, other organizational entities, and a wide array of programs. 

Investment in and management of real property is inherent to successful implementation of Interior's mission. The Department’s real property inventory includes approximately 43,000 buildings, nearly 100,000 miles of public road, and 90,000 structures. It consists of owned building space as well as space provided through the General Services Administration (GSA), direct leases, and cooperative agreements with State agencies and universities. 

The Department manages the functional capabilities of nearly every type of constructed asset found in a typical town and city, including visitor centers, dams, schools, power generating facilities, housing, hotels, campgrounds, roads, water and wastewater treatment plants, offices, and more. Each of the assets supports a unique function at a local level that combines with additional asset functions across the entire Department to create a robust portfolio for mission delivery and support. Interior also maintains many historic properties and sites that have cultural significance with specialized needs. These unique assets facilitate the support of Interior’s mission and represent a critical element of our core mission.

Functional Areas

  • Real Property Asset Management

  • Energy Management

  • Real Property Capital Planning and Investment Control

  • Sustainable Buildings

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