Charge Card

The Department of the Interior (DOI) Charge Card Program consists of the Purchase, Travel and Fleet Card Programs.

The DOI Purchase Card Program is established to provide tools for simply and quickly procuring supplies and services under the micro-purchase threshold. The purchase card is a centrally billed, government charge card used to pay for goods and services in support of official government business.

The DOI Travel Card Program is established to provide a tool for simplified paying of official business travel services and expenses at DOI. The Travel Card Program includes the GSA Tax Advantage travel card, the corporate travel card, sponsor travel card, and the declining balance travel card.

The DOI Fleet Card Program is established to provide payment tools for purchasing fuel, authorized repairs, parts, or services for government owned or leased vehicles, fueled appliances and equipment, small marine craft, and aviation, in support of official government business.


State Tax Exemption

For state tax exemption information by state, please visit GSA SmartPay Tax Information

GSA Tax Advantage Travel Card Guide


Links of Interest

GSA SmartPay Program

Appendix B to Circular No. A-123, A Risk Management Framework for Government Charge Card Programs


Points of Contact

Charge Card Program Manager:

Kenneth Casey,, 720-826-9791

Interior Business Center’s Charge Card Support Center:


Freedom of Information Act 

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