Space and Housing

Our program goal is to optimize the portfolio of mission support space across the Department. This is executed through coordination and oversight of space assets and management programs to promote effective, professional management, equitable space standards across all bureaus, standardized bureau space selection processes, and collocation of bureaus where appropriate. 


The Space and Housing Management Program supports these priorities: 

  • Policy and Guidance;

  • Executive engagement with bureaus and GSA Central Office;

  • Coordination of bureau/office significant space management concerns dealing with external partners, including GSA; 

  • Professional development and certification of Lease Contracting Officers; 

  • Housing rental surveys support and appeals; 

  • Portfolio management tools and analyses; and

  • Budget documents and support.


Ongoing Programmatic Efforts:

  • Standardized leasing processes and documentation among bureaus;

  • Coordination of geographic working groups to optimize space and services; 

  • Development of guidance for consistent leasing process throughout DOI;

  • Exploring and monitoring opportunities for collocation, consolidation, and relocation;



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