Asset Management

The Asset Management Directorate enables the Department of the Interior's mission through the following:

The Asset Management Division provides policy, guidance, technical support and activity integration for the Department’s built environment, including Facilities, Energy Management, Space Management, Housing, Fleet and Personal Property Management, and Transportation programs. The division advocates the adoption of modern asset management principles across the Department.

Museum Cultural Resources Divisionincludes the Interior Museum Program, which provides policy, guidance, training, technical assistance, and data management system support, museum programs across the Department’s the bureaus and offices. The Division also operates the Interior Museum, located in the Department’s Headquarters Building in Washington, DC, and associated cultural outreach programs. The division promotes intra-Department coordination through collaborative initiatives, and facilitates partnerships with other Federal agencies, state and local agencies, Indian tribes, non-profit organizations and foreign institutions.

Department of the Interior, Federal Preservation Officer provides leadership and collaboration for preservation by fostering conditions under which the DOI modern mission activities and prehistoric and historic resources can exist in productive harmony. The Department’s Federal Preservation Officer participates in and leads in a variety of collaboration efforts to further the spirit and intent of the National Historic Preservation Act.