Tohono O'odham Agency & Fort Apache

Tribes Served

Tohono O'odham Nation, White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Our Staff

Christopher Carusona II
Fiduciary Trust Officer
Phone: 520-993-1380

Sandy Hendricks
Trust Accounts Administrator
Phone: 520-383-3205

Dusty (Leighton) Fredericks
Beneficiary Contact Representative
Office: 520-383-3281 or 520-369-3308

Mailing Address

Bureau of Trust Funds Administration
Attn: Tohono O'odham Agency
P.O. Box 26928
Albuquerque, NM 87125

Office Location

BIA Circle Drive
Bldg 49 Rm 3
PO Box 490
Sells, Arizona 85634

Office Hours

By appointment only

Unclaimed Money

BTFA currently holds $80 million in trust for thousands of beneficiaries with no known address. Search our records to see if your name, or the name of someone you know, is on the list.

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