IIM Welcome Guide

Welcome new account holders!

You've reached the gateway to information about Individual Indian Money (IIM) accounts. If an IIM account has recently been established in your name, please follow these steps to get started and learn more about managing your account: 

  1. Verify your contact information by calling the Trust Beneficiary Call Center
  2. Choose how you want to receive your money
  3. Review your quarterly statement or your Oil & Gas Royalty Statement when it arrives. 
  4. Give us a call if you have questions. 

Topics to explore on this site include:

Learn about your IIM account

Learn about the interest-bearing accounts managed on behalf of individuals who have money or other assets held in trust for them by the federal government.

Get help understanding your IIM statement

A glossary of the terms and information found on Individual Indian Money account statements.

Learn how to dispute your IIM statement

An explanation of the steps involved in disputing the accuracy of your account balance.

Choose how to receive your money

A summary of payment options available to Individual Indian Money account holders.

Search for unclaimed accounts

A searchable list of Individual Indian Money account holders without a valid address on file with the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration.

Manage your Money

Tips for handling your money wisely so that you achieve your life goals.

Plan for your Future

Estate planning ensures that your trust assets are distributed the way you want when you die.

Explore frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Individual Indian Money accounts.


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