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April 19, 2022 - NOAA and the Insular Areas

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Socioeconomics Coordinator Mary Allen, and Coastal Economist, Lauren Knapp, provide a comprehensive economic valuation of U.S. Coral Reef Ecosystem Services, providing support and assistance toward NOAA coral reef conservation programs and projects for the Insular Areas. Mary Allen and Lauren Knapp have covered a variety of information regarding research questions, studies, project goals, and the incorporation of cultural ecosystem services.

The presenters provided the following questions for consideration:

  • Are you aware of similar or planned projects in the Insular Areas that relate to this project?
  • What are your thoughts on how to demonstrate cultural value?
  • How or why might you use these numbers?
  • How or why might partners you work with use these numbers?
  • What are examples of output that you’d look for these end values to appear in (i.e., story map, video, website, table of $s, etc.)? 
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Visit the NOAA Website on Coral Reef Ecosystem Goods and Services Valuation for additional information. Questions, suggestions, comments? Contact Mary Allen at and Lauren Knapp at .

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