Conference and Special Events Office

The Office of Facilities and Administrative Services (OFAS), Conference and Special Events Office (CSEO) provides event planning services, scheduling, and coordination of logistical and technical support for conference rooms, auditorium, employee courtyard, production studio and public space. These services are provided to internal as well as external customers. Listed below is a table that contains the conference facilities along with room capacity, room setup, audiovisual equipment and other important information.

External customers will incur fees for room rental & support services for the use of conference rooms, auditoriums and public spaces.

Alcohol Waiver

Conference Rooms, Auditoriums and Public Spaces
Room Capacity Room Setup Food / Beverages Permitted Equipped with Audiovisual
 1548  25 Conference Table w/seating around perimeter  YES YES
2529 20 Conference Table w/seating around perimeter NO YES
 John Muir Room   25 U Shape seating for 21 w/seating around the perimeter YES YES
 Rachel Carson Room  70 U shape, classroom, square, reception and theater seating YES YES
 Kiowa Room   40 conference table for 25 w/perimeter seating  YES YES
North Penthouse  40 U shape for 30w/chairs around perimeter  NO YES
South Penthouse
&Roof Terrace
50 482 Banquet, Reception and theater seating  YES YES

 MIB Auditorium

 600 Theater seating  NO YES
Production Studio Room 4041  1-4  Panel Format w/Backdrop  NO  YES
 MIB Employee Courtyard  200 Fixed tables/chairs YES NO
Bison Bistro
(main seating area)
200 Tables and chairs YES NO


Special Purpose Rooms

  • MIB Auditorium, South Penthouse
    Request form is required for reserving this space
    (Cost varies depending on requirements and time of meeting/event)
  • Production Studio
    Audio/Video Productions
  • South Penthouse and Roof Terrace
    This space was originally used as an employee lounge in the 1940's and contains a large collection of Native American murals. Today the penthouse and roof terrace are used for meetings, receptions, award ceremonies and press conferences.
  • Employee Courtyard
    The newly renovated courtyard can be used for luncheons, receptions and employee social gatherings.
  • Bison Bistro (MIB Cafeteria)
    The main seating area can be used for meetings, award ceremonies, receptions, etc.


Multi-Media and Livestreaming

Multi-Media (video, audio, recording, production support, etc.) and livesteaming (broadcast live events via the internet).

To ensure 508 compliance for certain livestream meetings or events posted on a government website, the CSE is required to obtain captioning services from an outside vendor which the program office would incur cost.

Helpful Tips and Information

  • Schedule rooms as far in advance as possible (including annual meetings).
  • Consider your logistical (audiovisual, catering, alcohol waiver, etc.) needs prior to planning and scheduling your meetings.

Payment Methods

  • When services require reimbursement, an authorized official must commit funds.
  • Credit Card


If you need assistance related to our services, please contact the OFAS service desk on (202) 208-2222, or one of the people below:

Mike Hershfeld - Audiovisual Team Leader
Phone: (202) 208-4572

Mariane Gately - Chief, Branch of Conference and Special Events
Phone: (202) 208-7204