2004 News Archive

12/17/2004 Statement by Secretary of the Interior Gale A. Norton
12/14/2004 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes to Sign Annual Funding Agreement for National Bison Range
12/10/2004 Interior Department Statement on U.S. Court of Appeals Ruling in Indian Trust Case
12/10/2004 President Bush Signs Landmark Arizona Water Settlement Legislation
12/07/2004 Secretary Norton Praises Leadership of Deputy Secretary J. Steven Griles
12/01/2004 Secretary Norton Lauds Bennett Raley for Work on Western Water Issues
12/01/2004 Interior Department on Front Lines of Coral Reef Conservation
12/01/2004 Secretary Norton Names Tom Weimer Acting Assistant Secretary for Water and Science
11/22/2004 Interior Scientists Evaluate Effects of High Flow Test at Glen Canyon Dam
11/17/2004 High-Flow Test Study from Glen Canyon Dam through Grand Canyon
11/01/2004 President Bush Signs Bill To Create Lewis & Clark National Historical Park in Washington and Oregon
10/29/2004 Deputy Secretary Griles Signs Agreement with Boat Owners Association of the United States to Protect Coral Reefs, Seabed Grasses
10/28/2004 Secretary Norton Approves $120 million for Clark County Parks, Trails, Natural Areas
10/28/2004 Deputy Interior Secretary Steven Griles to Sign Agreement with Boating Association to Protect Coral Reefs, Seabed Grasses
10/28/2004 President Bush Signs Historic Measure to Provide Key Steps for Indian Trust Reform
10/27/2004 Assistant Secretary David Anderson, Sen. Pete Domenici Highlight Records of Achievement and Public Service at National Indian Programs Training Center Groundbreaking and BIA Office Dedication
10/26/2004 Secretary Norton Praises President's Signing of Landmark CALFED Legislation
10/22/2004 Interior Department and State Launch Take Pride in Florida Project to Help Hurricane Ravaged Public Lands
10/22/2004 Secretary Norton to Visit Airstream, INC in Jackson Center
10/22/2004 Secretary Norton Praises Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District for Water 2025 Collaboration
10/22/2004 Interior Secretary Gale Norton to Meet with Ohio Sportsmen
10/22/2004 Secretary Norton Takes Action to Restore Land Minerals Rights to the Pueblo of Acoma
10/21/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Enforcement Committee To Counter Fraudulent Indian Products
10/21/2004 New Policy Encourages Solar Energy Development on America's Public Lands
10/20/2004 Secretary Norton Transfers Federal Land Patent To Town of Jupiter
10/19/2004 Assistant Secretary of the Interior Rebecca Watson to Address Solar Energy 2004 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Oct. 21
10/15/2004 Secretary Gale A. Norton Statement: Federal Court Ruling Overturns Clinton Administration Ban on Citizen Snowmobile Access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
10/15/2004 Interior Secretary Norton Signs Renewal of Pipeline Agreement Deal Ensures Employment Opportunities for Alaska Natives
10/14/2004 United States Pleased with Outcome of CITES Conference in Bangkok, Assistant Secretary Craig Manson Declares
10/14/2004 With U.S. Support, Nambia Gains Approval for Small-Scale International Trade in Jewelry Made From Ivory
10/14/2004 Interior Secretary Gale Norton Commends State of Florida's "Acceler8" Initiative to Restore the Everglades
10/13/2004 Connaughton, Williams, Allbright to Join Gov. Bush to Make Major Announcement on Everglades Restoration
10/13/2004 Interior Secretary Gale Norton Announces Klamath Watershed Coordination Agreement
10/13/2004 Deputy Interior Secretary Griles to Speak at Alabama Coastal BirdFest
10/13/2004 Assistant Interior Secretary Scarlett to Meet Wisconsin Conservation Partners, Present $1 Million NAWCA Grant for Rush Lake Restoration
10/13/2004 International Trade Restrictions Eased for Bald Eagles
10/13/2004 Secretary Accepts Power Generators from Cummins Divisions In Minnesota to be Used by Volunteers in Hurricane Torn Florida
10/12/2004 Tribes Collaborate with Interior on Boundary, Land Use Database to Improve Trust Management
10/12/2004 Bush Administration Creates New Wildlife Refuge in Minnesota 35,000 Acre Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge to Preserve Tallgrass Prairie and Wetlands in Northwest Minnesota
10/12/2004 Secretary Norton Presents Polaris Industries Inc. with Best Available Technology Certification
10/12/2004 Bush Administration Officials: Federal Land Managers set Record-Level Accomplishments of President's Healthy Forest Initiative
10/12/2004 Secretary Norton Presents Arctic Cat Inc. with Best Available Technology Certification
10/08/2004 CITES Conference Votes to Tightly Regulate International Trade in Ramin
10/08/2004 Assistant Secretary Manson Seeks Support of China For Proposal to Conserve Irrawaddy Dolphin
10/07/2004 Secretary Norton, Iraqi Environment Minister Discuss Cooperative Efforts
10/06/2004 Assistant Secretary Lynn Scarlett Breaks Ground for Bolsa Chica Wetlands Restoration Project
10/06/2004 Secretary Norton to Meet with Iraqi Minister of the Environment
10/05/2004 Interior Secretary to Sign Update of North American Waterfowl Management Plan, Announce $2.65 Million in Funding for Wetlands Conservation Projects in Maine
10/05/2004 Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Move to Conserve Wildlife along Rocky Mountain Front
10/04/2004 Watson, Williams to Announce Decisions to Benefit Wildlife along Rocky Mountain Front
09/27/2004 Secretary Norton, Interior Agencies Recognize Reclamation, Environmental and Community Leaders in Mining Industry
09/27/2004 Interior Department to Transfer Land for New VA Medical Center in Las Vegas
09/24/2004 Secretary Showcases Outstanding Business Opportunities in the US Affiliated Islands
09/24/2004 Interior Receives E-Gov Institute's Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Award
09/24/2004 United States to Support Protections for Great White Sharks, Other Threatened Species at CITES Conference in Bangkok
09/23/2004 Interior Honors Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Museum Director Rick West, Indian Artists
09/23/2004 Secretary Norton Announces More than $70 million in Grants to Support Land Acquisition and Conservation Planning for Endangered Species
09/23/2004 Secretary Norton to Honor Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Museum Director W. Richard West, Indian Artists
09/22/2004 California Tribe Presents Flag to Interior for Bureau of Indian Affairs Hall of Tribal Nations
09/21/2004 Assistant Secretary Manson to Hold Teleconference on Bull Trout Critical Habitat Designation
09/21/2004 Interior Officials Celebrate Opening of National Museum of the American Indian
09/21/2004 Secretarty Norton Announces the Walt Disney Co is Recipient of 2004 National Take Pride in America® Outstanding Charter Partner Award
09/21/2004 Secretary Norton commends 2004 National Take Pride in America® Award Winners at Department of Interior Ceremony
09/20/2004 Quinault Indian Nation Settlement Conserves Marbled Murrelet Habitat
09/20/2004 Secretary Norton to Honor 2004 National Take Pride in America® Award Winners at Department of Interior Ceremony
09/20/2004 Secretary Norton Accepts Liberty and Freedom Totem Poles from Lummi Nation
09/17/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Toyota is Recipient of 2004 National Take Pride in America Corporate Award
09/17/2004 Secretary Norton Promotes National Public Lands Day At Historic C&O Canal Site; Announces Fee-Free Day at Public Lands on September 18th
09/17/2004 Interior to Celebrate American Indian Heritage with Living Legacy Awards, Art Exhibits, Tours
09/17/2004 Quinault Indian Nation Settlement to Conserve Marbled Murrelet Habitat
09/17/2004 Secretary Norton to Accept Totem Poles Liberty and Freedom from Lummi Nation
09/17/2004 Interior Releases "Accent on Results" Report on Tax Dollar Savings and Better Service
09/14/2004 New Geospatial Website Tool Helps Track and Respond to Hurricane Ivan
09/14/2004 Secretary Norton Signs Agreement for Multi-Species Conservation Program on Lower Colorado River
09/13/2004 Secretary Norton Creates Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve and Baca National Wildlife Refuge
09/13/2004 Secretary Norton to Sign Agreement for Multi-Species Conservation Program on Lower Colorado River
09/13/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Recipients of the 2004 National Take Pride in America® Federal Land Manager Award
09/09/2004 Secretary Gale Norton to Announce National Park Status for Great Sand Dunes National Monument
09/09/2004 Secretary Norton, Israeli Ambassador Ayalon Sign Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation
09/09/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Designation of Eudora Welty House in Mississippi as National Historic Landmark
09/09/2004 Secretary Norton Designates Eugene, Ore. as Take Pride in America® City
09/08/2004 Secretary Norton, Israeli Ambassador Ayalon to Sign Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation
09/02/2004 Assistant Interior Secretary Announces Completion of Apostles Islands National Lakeshore Wilderness Study
08/30/2004 Assistant Secretary Watson Warns of Consequences to States if Congress Fails to Reauthorize Abandoned Mine Land Fee Authority
08/30/2004 Interior Museum to Exhibit "Plein-Air" Painters of El Paso
08/30/2004 Assistant Secretary of the Interior Rebecca Watson to Address the World Renewable Energy Congress, Aug. 31
08/30/2004 Assistant Secretary Watson Highlights Bush Commitment to Development of Geothermal Energy
08/26/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Designation of 18 Utah Communities as Take Pride in America® Cities
08/26/2004 Norton Announces $16 Million in Grants to Conserve Imperiled Wildlife in 42 States
08/26/2004 $1.2 Million Grant for Acadia National Park is Latest Bush Administration Investment in Maine National Parks
08/25/2004 Interior Secretary Gale Norton to Announce Grants to Conserve and Restore Wildlife Habitat Nationwide
08/25/2004 Secretary Norton Commemorates National Park Founders Day; Touts Importance of Park Maintenance Improvements
08/24/2004 Secretary Norton to Commemorate National Park Founders Day with Visit to Bandelier National Monument, Aug. 25
08/23/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Winners of 2004 National Take Pride in America ® Awards
08/20/2004 Historic $56 Million Settlement Paves Way for Restoring Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Indiana
08/20/2004 Norton Awards Water 2025 Challenge Grant to Local Oregon Irrigation District
08/20/2004 Norton Announces Approval of New Gaming Compacts Between California and Five Native American Tribes
08/20/2004 Secretary Norton Speaks to Recreational Vehicle Owners in Redmond, Oregon
08/17/2004 Anderson: Leadership Transition for Indian Affairs
08/16/2004 Assistant Secretary Watson Underscores Federal Commitment to Conservation, and the Protection of Wildlife, during Energy Leasing and Development
08/13/2004 Interior Assistant Secretary P. Lynn Scarlett Highlights Investments in Arizona's National Parks
08/13/2004 Residents of Louisiana's St. Tammany Parish to Enjoy Insurance Premium Savings Resulting from Healthy Forest Initiative Partnership
08/12/2004 Federal Firefighting Agencies Will Return Two Additional Large Airtankers to Service
08/11/2004 Deputy Interior Secretary Griles Joins Rep. LaTourette, Ashtabula School District To Celebrate "Win-Win" Agreement
08/10/2004 Agency Officials Announce Record Fuels Reduction Expected in 2004, Second Anniversary of Healthy Forests Initiative
08/05/2004 Secretary Norton Announces $493 Million Earmarked for Nevada Conservation and Recreation
08/05/2004 Secretary Norton Announces $37 Million Earmarked for Restoration of Lake Tahoe
08/04/2004 Assistant Secretary Watson Assures Leaders that Energy Production, a Healthy Environment and a Vibrant Economy Go Hand-in-Hand
08/03/2004 The Statue of Liberty's Doors Officially Open
07/29/2004 BIA Education Foundation Renamed as the National Fund for Excellence in American Indian Education
07/29/2004 US Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA Fisheries Issue Regulations to Improve Endangered Species Consultation Process for Pest Control Products
07/28/2004 Secretary Norton to Speak on State of National Parks, Hold Press Availability
07/28/2004 National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service Commit to Manage Roadless Areas to Protect National Parks
07/27/2004 Secretary Norton Says Federal Agencies are Taking Aggressive Steps To Reduce Hazardous Fuels in Arizona
07/26/2004 Anderson Confirms Clayton Gregory as Regional Director of BIA Pacific Regional Office
07/26/2004 Anderson Names William Benjamin as Regional Director of BIA Great Plains Regional Office
07/21/2004 Secretary Norton Announces the Designation of Estes Park, Colo. as a Take Pride in America City
07/21/2004 Secretary Norton Touts Importance of Park Maintenance and Resource Protection at Rocky Mountain National Park
07/20/2004 Assistant Interior Secretary Rebecca Watson Endorses Legislation to Designate Wilderness for Public Lands in Nevada and New Mexico
07/19/2004 House Passes Legislation to Create Lewis & Clark National Historical Park in Washington and Oregon
07/19/2004 Secretary Norton Says States, Counties and Tribes Should Have a Stronger Role in Land Use Planning Decisions
07/16/2004 Secretary Norton Commends Rep. Pombo For Legislation to recruit volunteers
07/16/2004 Norton Announces Proposal to Remove Eastern Population of Gray Wolves from Endangered Species List
07/15/2004 Secretary Norton Announces White House Award in Recognition of Environmentally-Friendly Building at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
07/14/2004 Secretary Norton Welcomes Ohio Gov. Taft to Take Pride in America
07/13/2004 Secretary Norton Lauds Settlement Agreement for Oregon Hydroelectric Project
07/12/2004 Norton Announces Emergency Grants to Stop Elephant and Rhino Slaughter in Africa
07/12/2004 Secretary Norton Promotes Communications Leaders Tina Kreisher Director of Communications and Daniel Dubray, Press Secretary
07/12/2004 David L. Bernhardt of Colorado Named Deputy Chief of Staff Matthew Eames Named Acting Director For Congressional & Legislative Affairs
07/09/2004 Statement by Tina Kreisher, Communications Director, Department of the Interior
07/09/2004 Secretary Norton to Announce Settlement Agreement with Warm Springs Tribe, PGE on Hydropower Project
07/08/2004 Secretary Norton, Assistant Secretary Anderson Sign Water Rights Settlement for Zuni Tribe
07/08/2004 Interior Secretary Norton Releases Report Showing Record Funding to Support National Parks
07/07/2004 Interior Secretary Norton to Release Report Showing National Parks Receiving Record Funding for Operations
07/07/2004 Secretary Norton, Assistant Secretary Anderson to Formalize Zuni Tribe Water Rights Settlement Agreement at July 8 Signing Ceremony
07/06/2004 New Law Gives Boost to International Marine Turtle Conservation Efforts
07/02/2004 Interior Secretary Norton Touts Investments In Parks Worth Celebrating this Independence Day
07/01/2004 Interior Highlights Partnerships on its Homepage
06/29/2004 Reorganization Links Employee / Department Performance and Emphasizes Health and Safety
06/25/2004 Corps and Service Announce Successful Fish Habitat Construction on Missouri River
06/25/2004 Secretary Norton, Governor Baldacci, other leaders sign historic partnership agreement for Penobscot River
06/24/2004 Assistant Secretary Anderson to Speak June 25 at 2004 National UNITY Conference
06/24/2004 Interior Assistant Secretary P. Lynn Scarlett To Present Preserve America Community Designations At Public Events in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
06/23/2004 Secretary Norton To Announce Penobscot River Milestone at Veazie Dam Ceremony
06/22/2004 Interior Department Announces Winners of Fluid Mineral Award
06/22/2004 New BLM Initiative to Enhance Environmental Protection During Oil and Gas Activity on Public Lands
06/22/2004 Secretary Norton Touts Sensible Energy Development with Best Management Practices
06/21/2004 Secretary Norton to Address Western Governors
06/21/2004 Federal Agencies Announce Key Firefighting Deployments: Additional Aerial Tankers Prepared to Combat Potential Wildfires
06/21/2004 Secretary Norton Awards $4 Million in Grants For Water Conservation Projects in the West
06/18/2004 Secretary Norton Appoints Three New Members to Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Review Committee
06/18/2004 Martin Issues Final Determination to Decline Federal Acknowledgment of the Webster/Dudley Band of Chaubunagungamaug Nipmuck Indians
06/18/2004 Martin Issues Final Determination to Decline Federal Acknowledgment of The Nipmuc Nation.
06/18/2004 Secretary Norton to Announce Water 2025 Challenge Grants in Phoenix
06/17/2004 Secretary Norton Says State and Local Governments to Get $224 Million under Federal Payment in Lieu of Taxes Program
06/16/2004 Ford Motor Company Donates 12 New Hybrid SUVs for Use in America's National Parks
06/15/2004 Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton to Accept Donation of Hybrid SUV for National Parks
06/15/2004 Fee Demo Program Improves Visitor Facilities And Services at National Recreation Sites
06/14/2004 Secretary Norton Welcomes Governor Schwarzenegger to Take Pride in America®
06/14/2004 Martin Declines to Acknowledge Golden Hill Paugussett Petitioner
06/9/2004 Fifty Years of Reclamation Archaeology On Exhibit at Interior Museum
06/9/2004 Norton Announces Funding for Wetlands Projects, Additions to National Wildlife Refuges
06/9/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Grants in 16 States, 21 Latin American and Caribbean Countries to Conserve Migratory Birds
06/9/2004 Secretary Norton Honored for Conservation Partnerships, Outdoor Recreation Contributions
06/4/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Transfer of Five More Lighthouses
06/4/2004 Anderson to Join USFWS 14th Annual Kids Fishing Day
06/4/2004 Secretary Norton Helps Kick Off Get Fit With US Outdoor Recreation Campaign
06/4/2004 Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs David Anderson to Attend "Kids Fishing Day" at Minnesota Valley NWR
06/4/2004 Secretary Norton Promotes Get Fit Opportunities with Designation of 27 New National Trails in 15 States
06/3/2004 Secretary Norton to Speak on National Energy Issues, Hold Press Availability at Mackinac Policy Conference
06/1/2004 Norton Applauds President Bush's Recess Appointment of Sue Ellen Wooldridge as Solicitor
05/28/2004 Anderson Names Brian Pogue as New BIA Director
05/26/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Transfer of St Simon's Lighthouse
05/26/2004 Secretary Gale Norton, International Paper Sign Landmark Environmental Agreement to Protect and Manage Aquatic Resources
05/25/2004 Secretary Gale Norton, International Paper to Sign Landmark Environmental Agreement to Protect and Manage Aquatic Resources
05/24/2004 At Home with Frederick Douglass Exhibit Opens May 28 at Interior
05/24/2004 Secretary Norton Announces $21 Million in Grants To Support Conservation in 43 States
05/21/2004 Interior Secretary Norton to Announce $21 Million in Grants to Fund Conservation Projects in 43 States
05/17/2004 American Indian Records Repository Dedication Begins New Chapter in Department's Trust Reform Effort
05/17/2004 Interior Secretary Highlights Department's Role in Heritage Preservation at Brown v. Board Grand Opening
05/15/2004 Nez Perce Water Rights Settlement Benefits Tribe, Idaho, Pacific Northwest
05/14/2004 Secretary Norton, Idaho Gov. Kempthorne, Nez Perce Chairman Johnson News Conference
05/14/2004 Assistant Interior Secretary Craig Manson to Deliver Commencement Address at McGeorge School of Law
05/13/2004 Assistant Secretary Scarlett To Kick-Off Take Pride in America® Fire-Rehab Volunteer Effort in Angeles National Forest
05/12/2004 Secretary Norton Expresses Appreciation for New Efforts by Environmental Defense
05/11/2004 United States Submits Proposals to Provide International Trade Protections for Eight Species at 2004 CITES Conference in Thailand
05/10/2004 For the Cranes Exhibit Opens at Interior Museum
05/07/2004 MMS Director Johnnie Burton, BLM Director Kathleen Clarke Honored as Key Women in Energy
05/07/2004 Secretary Norton Touts Park Maintenance Improvements at Shenandoah National Park
05/06/2004 Interior Secretary Norton to Visit Shenandoah National Park May 7, to Highlight Success of Park Maintenance Projects
05/05/2004 Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement to hold 13th Annual Memorial Service for Fallen Police Officers
05/05/2004 Interior Secretary Gale Norton to Address U.S. Energy Association
05/03/2004 MacDonald Named Deputy Assistant Secretary
05/01/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Thomas Point Lighthouse Going to City of Annapolis & Nonprofit Partners
04/29/2004 Secretary Norton Accepts Agreement Between Alaska Natives and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
04/28/2004 Secretary Norton Appoints Marcia Blaszak as National Park Service Regional Director for Alaska
04/26/2004 Secretary Transfers Alaska Lighthouse to Historical Society; Governor and other Dignitaries Participate in Ceremony
04/24/2004 Interior Secretary Supports Efforts for Lewis and Clark National Historical Park during Portland Visit
04/23/2004 Secretary Norton Touts Improvements at Cliff House as Part of National Park Week Celebration
04/23/2004 Secretary Norton Transfers Lighthouse to California Parks in Scenic Ceremony at Point Sur Historic Park
04/22/2004 Secretary Norton to Promote Oregon Park Expansion in Conjunction with Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
04/22/2004 Interior Secretary Norton to Visit the Cliff House April 23, in Celebration of National Park Week
04/22/2004 Interior Secretary Norton to Announce Innovative Agreement to Conserve At Risk Species on Private Farm in Idaho
04/22/2004 Interior Secretary Norton Touts Park Improvements During Earth Day at Yosemite National Park
04/21/2004 Interior Leaders Celebrate Earth Day at Events across the Nation
04/21/2004 Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs David Anderson Encourages Sequoyah High School Students to Make Healthy Choices
04/21/2004 OST to Contract with National Business Center to Manage its Appraisal Program
04/20/2004 Anderson Lauds Baca/Dlo'ay azhi School as First "Green" Building in New Mexico and BIA School System
04/20/2004 Overwhelming Response to Water 2025 Secretarial Challenge Grant Program
04/20/2004 Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs David Anderson to Speak at Sequoyah High School
04/19/2004 Main Interior Building Reopens for Business
04/16/2004 Anderson to Speak at LEEDTM Certification Ceremony for Baca/Dlo'ay azhi Community School in New Mexico "Green" certification is first for state and BIA schools
04/16/2004 Take Pride in America Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
04/14/2004 Interior Secretary Norton to Dedicate Former Army Chemical Weapons Facility as National Wildlife Refuge
04/09/2004 U.S. Court of Appeals Issues Permanent Stay Against Lower Court Ruling on Interior's Internet Access
04/06/2004 Secretary Norton Announces $92 Million in Grants For State Recreation Projects
04/05/2004 Anderson, Parisian Travel to Great Plains to Meet BIA Students
03/31/2004 Interior Department Seeks Legislation for Establishing a National Heritage Area Program
03/30/2004 Secretary Norton Announces New Visitor Plan for Statue of Liberty
03/29/2004 Albuquerque Conference Kicks Off Collaborative Initiative to Control Invasive Saltcedar in Southwest
03/26/2004 Anderson Issues Proposed Finding to Decline Federal Acknowledgment of Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa, Inc.
03/25/2004 Senior Executive Service Standouts Receive Secretarial Executive Leadership Award
03/25/2004 Secretary Norton and Assistant Secretary Anderson Announce BIA Schools to Receive $32.4 Million Under No Child Left Behind Act
03/25/2004 Norton to Address Meeting of National Ocean Industries Association
03/24/2004 Statement of Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton on U.S. Court of Appeals Issuance of Emergency Stay of Internet Disconnection Order
03/23/2004 Interior Seeks Reversal of March 15 Injunction which has Disconnected DOI Agencies from Internet
03/23/2004 Secretary Norton Appoints New Members to National Park System Advisory Board
03/19/2004 Interior Secretary Norton Signs 2004 Annual Operating Plan for Colorado River
03/18/2004 Twenty Communities Recognized for Commitment to Historical Preservation
03/16/2004 Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs David Anderson to Speak at Sherman Indian High School
03/10/2004 Anderson, Swimmer Testify Jointly on Interior Department's Trust Initiatives for the 21st Century
03/10/2004 Secretary Norton Announces $61 Million in Grants to States to Support Wildlife and Habitats
03/08/2004 Interior Department Announces Modernized Procedures Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
03/04/2004 Pennsylvania Awarded $24 Million to Reclaim Dangerous Abandoned Mine Lands
03/04/2004 State Fish and Wildlife Agencies to Share in More than $464 Million
03/03/2004 Wetlands Act Funds 500th Project, Land Added to National Wildlife Refuges in Three States
03/03/2004 Secretary Norton, Commissioner Keys to Testify on President's Proposed FY 05 Budget for Bureau of Reclamation
03/03/2004 Federal Agencies Announce Guidelines to Aid Wildfire Prevention and Restoration of Healthy Forests and Rangelands
03/03/2004 Interior Proposes Broader Gray Wolf Management Authority for Idaho, Montana
03/03/2004 Secretary Norton to Announce Proposed Changes in Wolf Management in Northern Rockies
02/27/2004 Secretary Norton Underscores Healthy Forest Initiatives at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge
02/26/2004 Secretary Norton to Underscore Success of Healthy Forests Initiatives at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge in Washington State
02/25/2004 BIA to Publish Replacement School Construction Priority List
02/25/2004 Secretary Norton Details FY 2005 Budget Priorities to House Appropriations Committee
02/25/2004 Travel Industry Joins With the National Park Service and National Park Foundation For "See America's National Parks" Promotional Campaign
02/25/2004 Norton Briefs President Bush on Interior Department's Cooperative Conservation Programs; Announces $25.8 Million in Grants to Assist Conservation Efforts for Imperiled Species on Private Lands
02/25/2004 Federal Officials and Southeast Travel Industry Join Forces to Promote Tourism on Public Lands
02/24/2004 Interior Department Gives Special Designation to Historic Piano in Observance of African American History Month
02/24/2004 Secretary Norton to Testify to House Committee on Appropriations on FY 2005 Budget for Interior
02/24/2004 Norton to Hold Media Teleconference to Announce Grants to 40 States, Virgin Islands to Conserve Imperiled Wildlife
02/23/2004 Anderson Commits to Working With Tribes, Supporting BIA Employees At Public Swearing-In Ceremony With Secretary Norton
02/23/2004 Secretary Norton Calls for Legislation to Create Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
02/23/2004 Secretary Norton to Designate Historic Piano in Observance of African American History Month
02/20/2004 Interior Approves $6 Million LWCF Grant for Ohio's Plans for North Bass Island Park
02/18/2004 Secretary Norton to Kick Off New Campaign to Promote Tourism and America's National Parks
02/18/2004 Earth as Art Exhibit Opens at Interior Museum
02/17/2004 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs Aurene Martin Announces Funding for Tohono O'odham Nation Border Security
02/17/2004 Secretary Norton Announces $859,000 Grant to Improve San Francisco Boating Facilities
02/17/2004 States Receive More Than $1 Billion From Share of Federal Mineral Revenues
02/12/2004 Secretary Norton Stresses Priorities, Goals and Impact of FY 2005 Budget
02/12/2004 Statement of Gale A. Norton, Secretary of the Interior before the senate committee on energy and natural resources on the 2005 President's budget request
02/11/2004 Statement of Interior Secretary Gale Norton Regarding District Court Snowmobile Ruling at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
02/11/2004 Secretary Norton to Testify on President's FY 2005 Budget for Interior Department
02/07/2004 Secretary Norton Announces Implementation of Hungry Valley Wildfire Project: Touts President's FY 2005 Budget Request
02/06/2004 Deputy Secretary Griles Highlights President Bush's Conservation Initiatives in Visit to New Mexico
02/06/2004 Secretary Norton & Gov. Napolitano Honor Arizona Volunteers with Take Pride in America Award to Gardens for Humanity
02/06/2004 Gila River Indian Community To Benefit From Interior Secretary's Expansion of BIA Indian Land Consolidation Program
02/05/2004 Special Trustee Names Advisory Board Members
02/04/2004 Bush Administration proposal accelerates reclamation of dangerous Pennsylvania coal mines
02/03/2004 Reclamation's FY 2005 Budget Request is $956.3 Million
02/02/2004 David Anderson Sworn in as Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs Executive brings extensive business management experience to new post
02/02/2004 BIA Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Request Supports Trust, Indian Education and Law Enforcement Programs
02/02/2004 President's 2005 Budget for Interior Emphasizes Cooperative Conservation, Commitments, Solutions
02/02/2004 President Bush's FY2005 Budget Will Continue Positive Environmental Progress
01/30/2004 Secretary Norton Announces that President George W. Bush Intends to Nominate Sue Ellen Wooldridge as Solicitor
01/30/2004 Bush Administration Officials Discuss President's Proposed FY 2005 Environment and Natural Resources Budget
01/30/2004 Secretary Norton To Announce FY 2005 Interior Budget on Feb. 2
01/28/2004 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service Propose Regulations to Improve Endangered Species Consultation Process for Pest and Rodent Control Products
01/28/2004 Bush Administration Proposes Increased Funding to Maintain and Restore Forest and Rangeland Health
01/27/2004 President's FY 2005 Budget Calls for Unprecedented Help for Klamath Basin
01/27/2004 Secretary Norton Announces $14 Million in Grants to Tribes to Help Fund Fish and Wildlife Conservation Projects
01/27/2004 President Calls for $21 Million to Help Western Communities Avoid Water Supply Crises
01/26/2004 Secretary Norton to Announce $14 Million in Wildlife Conservation Grants to Tribes
01/23/2004 Secretary Norton Unveils New Incentives to Boost Domestic Natural Gas Production, Save Americans $570 Million a Year
01/22/2004 Norton, Veneman Launch Cooperative Initiative to Control Invasive Tamarisk in Southwest
01/22/2004 Interior Finalizes Plan for NW National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
01/22/2004 Secretary Norton to Announce Incentives to Increase Domestic Natural Gas Production, Create Thousands of Jobs, and Save Consumers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars
01/21/2004 Take Pride in America Recruits Mayors to Become Stewards of our Public Lands
01/15/2004 Federal Agencies Announce Guidelines for Stewardship Contracts and Agreements
01/15/2004 Media Advisory: Federal Officials to Announce New Stewardship Contracting Guidelines January 15
01/14/2004 Secretary Norton Appoints Jason Peltier Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science
01/13/2004 Interior Secretary Announces Challenge Grant Program for Western Water Conservation Projects
01/12/2004 Secretary Norton and Governor Lingle Honor Outstanding Volunteers at USS Arizona Memorial
01/07/2004 Interior Awards Financial Management System Contract
01/06/2004 Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Proposals for Conservation Projects Under Stewardship Grant Program

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