Operational Procedures Memoranda Index

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ALL OPM All CY 2018 Operational Procedures Memorandum
OPM-01 Index of Departmental Manual (Office of Aviation Services) Information
OPM-02 Fleet Aircraft Use Reporting
OPM-03 Fleet Services Operational Procedures for Alaska Region Fixed Wing Aircraft
OPM-04 Aviation User Training Program
OPM-05 Office of Aviation Services (OAS) Designated Night Routes in Alaska
OPM-06 Aviation Management Plans
OPM-07 Improving the Management and Use of Government Aircraft
OPM-07 Appx 1 Circular No. A-126
OPM-07 Appx 2 Fiscal Responsibility and Reducing Perquisites
OPM-07 Appx 3 Use of Government-Owned and Operated Aircraft
OPM-07 Appx 4 Public Contracts and Property Management
OPM-07 Appx 5 Flow Chart and Decision Process
OPM-07 Appx 6 Travel Cost Analysis
OPM-07 Appx 7 Flow Chart and Decision Process
OPM-07 Appx 8 Instructions for SFTR Spreadsheet
OPM-07 Appx 9 Negative Report of Senior Federal Travel for the Period
OPM-08 Planning, Budgeting and Acquisition of Aircraft Assets
OPM-09 Fuel Procurement Procedures
OPM-10 Continuous Improvement of DOI Aviation Policy Through Field Input
OPM-11 DOI Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
OPM-12 Parking of Privately Owned Aircraft and Privately Owned Vehicles stored at the OAS Lake Hood Facility located in Anchorage, Alaska
OPM-13 Fuel Quality Control / Fuel Site Inspection
OPM-14 Alaska Region Aircraft Maintenance System
OPM-15 Acquisition of Seat Fares
List of Current Exempted Locations 
OPM-16 Flight Evaluations for Fleet Pilots
OPM-17 Aviation Acquisition Planning
OPM-20 Drum Fuel Management
OPM-22 Manned Aircraft, Pilot - Training Program
OPM-23 DOI Like Make and Models
OPM-24 Pilot Review Board
OPM-29 Special Use Activities and Revised Standards for Technical Oversight
OPM-32 ACETA Helicopter Performance
OPM-34 Auxiliary Pilots – Manned Aircraft
OPM-35 Identification of End Product/Service and Flight Service Procurement
OPM-36 Interagency Fire Standards for DOI Pilots
OPM-38 Reporting of Flight Time
OPM-39 DOI Use of Forest Service Procured Flight Services
OPM-40 Single-Skid, Toe-In, and Hover Exit/Entry Procedures (STEP) Operations
OPM-41 Interagency Fire Use of National Guard Helicopters
OPM-47 DOI Aviation Handbooks and Guides
OPM-48 Helicopter Emergency Seating Positions
OPM-56 Grand Canyon National Park - Special Flight Rules Area