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Operational Procedures Memoranda Index

All Operational Procedures Memoranda in this table are in PDF format.
Number Title
All OPM All 2023 Operation Procedure Memoranda (Updated Oct 26, 2023)
PDF Portfolio Document, you must right click the link and choose "Save link as..." to download and then open.
OPM-01.pdf Index of Departmental Manual (Office of Aviation Services) Information
OPM-02.pdf Fleet Aircraft Use Reporting
OPM-03.pdf Fleet Services Operational Procedures for Alaska Region Fixed Wing Aircraft
OPM-04.pdf Aviation User Training Program
OPM-05.pdf Office of Aviation Services (OAS) Designated Night Routes in Alaska
OPM-06.pdf Aviation Management Plans
OPM-07.pdf Improving the Management and Use of Government Aircraft
Opm 07 Appendix 1 [pdf] Circular No. A-126
Opm 07 Appendix 2 [pdf] Fiscal Responsibility and Reducing Perquisites
Opm 07 Appendix 3 [pdf] Use of Government-Owned and Operated Aircraft
Opm 07 Appendix 4 [pdf] Public Contracts and Property Management
Opm 07 Appendix 5 [pdf] Flow Chart and Decision Process
Opm 07 Appendix 6 [pdf] Travel Cost Analysis
Opm 07 Appendix 7 [pdf] Flow Chart and Decision Process
Opm 07 Appendix 8 [pdf] Instructions for SFTR Spreadsheet
Opm 07 Appendix 9 [pdf] Negative Report of Senior Federal Travel for the Period
OPM-08.pdf Acquisition, Management and Disposal of Fleet Aircraft  (Updated Oct 26, 2023)
OPM-09.pdf Fuel Procurement Procedures
OPM-10.pdf Continuous Improvement of DOI Aviation Policy through Field Input
OPM-11.pdf DOI Use of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS)
OPM-12.pdf Parking of Privately Owned Aircraft and Privately Owned Vehicles stored at the OAS Lake Hood Facility located in Anchorage, Alaska
OPM-13.pdf Fuel Quality Control / Fuel Site Inspection
OPM-14.pdf Alaska Region Aircraft Maintenance System
OPM-15.pdf Acquisition of Seat Fares
List of Current Exempted Locations 
OPM-16.pdf Flight Evaluations for Crewed Fleet Pilots
opm-17.pdf Aviation Acquisition Planning
OPM-20.pdf Drum Fuel Management
opm-22.pdf Crewed Aircraft, Pilot - Training Program (Updated 06/27/2023)
OPM-23.pdf DOI Like Make and Model Groups AND DOI Helicopter Like Make and Model Groups, plus "Series" Groups
OPM-24.pdf Pilot Review Board
OPM-25.pdf Safety Management Systems (SMS) Evaluator Criteria
OPM-29.pdf Special Use Activities for Crewed Aircraft
opm-32.pdf Short-haul Operations (Updated 06/22/2023)
OPM-33.pdf Aerial Capture, Eradication and Tagging of Animals (ACETA)
OPM-34.pdf Auxiliary Pilots - Crewed Aircraft
OPM-35.pdf Identification of End Product/Service Procurement versus Flight Service Procurement
OPM-36.pdf Interagency Fire Standards for DOI Pilots
OPM-38.pdf Reporting of Flight Time
OPM-39.pdf DOI Use of Forest Service Procured Flight Services
OPM-40.pdf Single-Skid, Toe-In, and Hover Exit/Entry Procedures (STEP) Operations
OPM-41 Interagency Fire Use of National Guard Helicopters (Rescinded 05/15/2023)
OPM-56.pdf Grand Canyon National Park - Special Flight Rules Area
OPM-70.pdf Identification of DOI Flight Service Responsibility, funded through cooperative projects and first nation engagements.

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