Aviation Helmet Standards

OAS has developed a modern, cost-effective civilian aviation helmet performance standard.   Here you will find the DOI and USFS Aviation Helmet Standard. 

The DOI/USFS Aviation Helmets Standard Specification will provide an avenue to allow non-military helmets to be considered for acquisition within agencies. Manufacturers and distributors can test their helmets using an ISO certified laboratory to the DOI/USFS Aviation Helmet Standard. Those meeting or exceeding these standards can be issued a certificate of compliance by the laboratory. These helmets will be identified by the manufacturer and model type on the OAS website on this page within 30 days of receiving the certificate.

DOI/USFS Aviation Helmet Standard

Interagency Aviation Life Support Equipment Guide/Handbook

Manufacturer Helmet model Date of certificate Link to certificate

As of April 19, 2018, there are no certificates of compliance.