OAS Western Regional Office

Gene Bannister, Regional Director

300 E Mallard Dr., Suite 180
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: 208-830-2275

OAS enhances the delivery of aviation-based products and services to its customers through Regional Offices. Located in the field to provide more frequent contact, maximize coordination, and maintain a detailed working knowledge unique to the customer and geographic area in which the operations occur, these offices provide a single point of contact for users and vendors identified by the title and geographic responsibility of Eastern Region and Western Region, offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and Boise, Idaho.

Each Regional Office is staffed with expertise in the technical specialties of pilots, maintenance, and avionics; administration and business systems management; and flight coordination. A Regional Director oversees the activities of each region.

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Regional Offices include:
  • Application of technical standards through inspections and evaluations
  • Fleet aircraft inspections and pilot evaluations
  • Corrective support for incidents, malfunctions, and hazards
  • Customer technical support to include transportation studies and facilities reviews
  • Evaluation and testing of new technology
  • Direct mission support Pilot, aircraft, and support equipment records management and data entry
  • Contracting officers technical representative (COTR)
  • Technical accident/incident investigation support

DOI Airport Directory (DAD) - Approved Unprepared Airport Landing Areas for Point To Point Operation

Name Title Phone
Bannister, Gene Regional Director 208-830-2275
Burlage, Todd Aviation Safety Inspector (MX) 208-871-4471
Colson, Al Aviation Safety Inspector (MX) 208-859-0171
Cook, Tom Aviation safety Inspector  (OPS, RW) 208-972-0244
Englert, Rich Aviation safety Inspector  (OPS, RW) 208-901-0206
Karling, Ricky Aviation Safety Inspector (MX) 208-789-7854
Leone, Bryan Aviation Safety Inspector (MX) 208-484-1888
Russell, Wayne Aviation Safety Inspector (MX) 208-830-5982
Wiley, Kevin Aviation Safety Inspector (RW) 208-841-1275

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