Unified Federal Review

The Sandy Recovery Improvement Act directed the President, in consultation with the Council on Environmental Quality and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, to "establish an expedited and unified interagency review process to ensure compliance with environmental and historic requirements under Federal law relating to disaster recovery projects, in order to expedite the recovery process, consistent with applicable law." Before this, Local, State, Tribal, Territorial, and Insular Area governments who applied for assistance to recover from damage caused by a disaster were required to have their recovery projects undergo individual agency’s environmental and historic preservation reviews. Often the same data were required from multiple agencies to comply with the legal requirements. The Unified Federal Review provides an opportunity to expedite environmental and historic preservation reviews that must be completed prior to the release of Federal assistance or permits to allow disaster recovery project to proceed without unnecessary delays. The NCR RSF Field Coordinator may participate or coordinate assistance, as requested, in the Unified Federal Review, and may provide staffing support for a Unified Federal Review Advisor if the Federal Emergency Management Agency requests additional assistance.

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