Activating the Natural and Cultural Resources Recovery Support Function

Fort Jackson aerial view Photo Credit: DOI, Doug Mutter

The Coordinating Agency's receipt of a reimbursable Mission Assignment from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) activates the Natural and Cultural Resources (NCR) Recovery Support Function (RSF) for a disaster and facilitates effective communication and coordination among NCR RSF Primary Agencies, Supporting Organizations, other partners, and stakeholders that comprise the disaster-impacted community. A Mission Assignment is a work order issued by FEMA to another Federal agency directing completion of a specific task.  It includes a statement of work, period of performance, funding information, managerial controls, and authorizations. A Mission Assignment also includes information about how many personnel are required, specific functions they need to perform, and budget information/financial guidance. For recovery work exceeding one year, FEMA generally uses Interagency Agreements for funding.

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