National Disaster Recovery Framework

The Federal Emergency Management Agency National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) provides guidance that enables effective recovery support to disaster-impacted Local, State, Tribal, Territorial, and Insular Area- governments. It provides a flexible structure that enables disaster recovery managers to operate in a unified and collaborative manner. It focuses on how best to restore, redevelop, and revitalize the health, social, economic, natural, and environmental fabric of impacted communities and build a more resilient Nation. The NDRF defines:

  • Core recovery principles.
  • Roles and responsibilities of recovery coordinators, partners, and stakeholders.
  • A coordinating structure that facilitates communication and collaboration among all stakeholders.
  • Guidance for pre- and post-disaster recovery planning.
  • The overall process by which communities can capitalize on opportunities to rebuild stronger, smarter, and safer.

The NDRF supports  long-term recovery efforts after a disaster response under the National Response Framework.  NDRF activities may be conducted concurrently with response.



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