NCR RSF Partners

Each of the six Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) has a designated coordinating agency along with primary agencies and supporting agencies.

Coordinating Agency

As the coordinating agency, DOI provides leadership, coordination and oversight for the NCR RSF.  Throughout the preparedness, response and recovery phases, DOI ensures ongoing communication and coordination between the primary agencies and support organizations, and between the Federal agencies and corresponding local, State and Tribal authorities and nonprofit and private sector organizations.

Primary Agencies

Primary agencies are Federal agencies with significant authorities, roles, resources or capabilities for a particular function within an RSF.  Primary agencies orchestrate Federal support within their functional area for an affected State and may lead interagency field assessment or support teams as necessary.

Supporting Organizations

These supporting organizations are entities with specific capabilities or resources that support the primary agencies in executing the mission of the NCR RSF.  The principal distinction between a primary and a supporting agency is the frequency with which the agency may be expected to actively participate in a RSF operation.  When coordinating agencies are activated to lead an RSF, primary agencies and supporting organizations are expected to be responsive to RSF-related communication and coordination needs.


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