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The Office of Human Capital (OHC) is the premier human capital partner leading the Department of the Interior's human resource strategic planning efforts by providing policies, solutions, oversight and guidance to further the Department's overall mission and hire the best talent. The Office coordinates with the bureaus’ servicing HR offices to ensure hiring practices are free from discrimination and provide managers with the tools to recruit, retain, and reward a high-performing and diverse workforce consistent with statutes, regulations, executive orders, and departmental policies.
The Director of Human Capital reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary - Human Capital and Diversity; who reports to the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management, and Budget. The Director of Human Capital is aided by five Directors, a Senior Adviser, and Staff.
The Office of Human Capital is composed of five divisions: 
Executive Resources Division
The Executive Resources Division is led by Jonathan Mack. The Executive Resources Division's goal is to promote innovative Executive Resources tools and practices, and develop and executive policies that will help the Department leadership attract and retain a highly effective Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL) and Scientific and Professional (ST) workforce.
Human Resources Information Systems Division

The Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Division is led by Chris Lawson. The HRIS Division goal is to support the Department's Human Resource team in managing the human resources management portfolio of information technology solutions.

Strategic Human Capital Planning and Evaluation Division
The Strategic Human Capital Planning and Evaluation (SHCPE) Division, led by Kermit Howard. The SHCPE Division goal is to provide strategic and transformative workforce solutions to ensure program efficiency and continuous improvement through accountability and data analytics.
Strategic Talent Management Division

The Strategic Talent Management (STM) Division is led by Landon Mock. The STM Division goals are to promote innovative tools and practices, build partnerships and establish policies that build the Department's capacity to recruit and employ a highly qualified, and diverse, workforce.

Workforce Relations Division

The Workforce Relations Division (WRD) is led by Ayanna Sears. WRD is responsible for providing strategic leadership and transparent delivery of human resource advice and consultation for employee performance and workforce management programs.

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